Denis Kondić, ˝I am.˝

  • March 7, 2017

Since today´s the International women´s day I wanted to bring to you something a bit different – something, that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. Not only, is the content I´m about to share special because of the person in it, there´s also a little surprise for one of my lovely readers in it. A week or so ago I got the opportunity to create some beautiful content with the person who (with his videos, coaching and seminars) motivates, inspires and educates many, but also made an unbelievable…

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How to successfully adult – VIDEO

  • August 28, 2016

After much thought I´ve finally decided to change up my content and start talking about what I enjoy most at the moment. I know most of you guys follow me for my makeup and fashion tips, so actually deciding to finally step out of that box was quite hard for me, but the topics I´m planning on focusing on have been a passion of mine for the last couple of months (well, I´ve had the desire to change up my blog for the last year or so, but it only got to the point…

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Getting your own place and a new family member

  • August 23, 2016

Huh, I don´t even know how to make a proper intro anymore..I guess I´m just gonna wing it. So, I finally got my Internet connection sorted out. I know this is not a big deal for most of you guys, but trust me, it is. For me at least. I can finally get back to regular blogging/vlogging so be prepared to see and hear a lot of me in the next couple of days. I´ve told you before I got my own place and although this is a dream come true for most of…

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SummerMBeauty Breaking Into Random Cars, A Fashion Show and Announcing the GIVEAWAY WINNER

  • May 22, 2016

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me so I´ve decided to take you with me. You may know by now that me, Sindi, Ajda and Nina are organizing an event in Maribor called SummerMbeauty. It takes up a lot of our time and today I wanted to share with you just one behind the scenes. We had a test shoot with the photographers for the event, grabbed lunch and saw a fashion show – all in one day. In this vlog I also wanted to announce the Giveaway winner so make sure you…

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Secret Garden

  • May 7, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Afrodita event at the Ljubljana Fashion Week to discover their new Secret Garden line and I´ve wanted to share my experience with you for quite some time now, however transferring my blog and preparing the giveaway really took a lot of my time and I just couldn´t fit it into my schedule. I´ve decided to share my day with you today since you will be able to learn more about some of the products you can win in the giveaway (click here to learn…

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