• May 13, 2014

April Favourites 2014 // EN & SLO

KONČNO mi je uspelo posneti najljubše meseca Aprila!!!
(Naj ti povem, da je ta video uspel šele v današnjem 3. poskusu – posneti sem poskušala tudi pred današnjim dnem) Spodaj bodo dodane tudi povezave k vsem izdelkom, ki sem jih omenjala (če sem o njih že zapisala kak članek) ter slike posamičnih izdelkov. Upam, da ti je video všeč, čeprav je zaradi svetlobe nekoliko slabše kvalitete :).

I have finally manage to film my April favourites (I´m early…I know..), but unfortunately the video is in Slovene. If you want to find out what my favourites are anyway, there are some pictures of the product bellow (as well as a short description in English).

I bought quite a lot of makeup brushes in April but I have to say only few really impressed me! I was really disappointed with the brand Eco Tools and you will most likely never see me buying anything from that brand again. On the other hand I fell in LOVE with SIGMA and Real Techniques. Here are some of my absolute favourites.

I won´t ramble too much about these product since I am sure they are all self explanatory. It´s all skin care…and a little something for a nice tan. Two brands really stud out this month; La Roche-Posay and Soraya.
For an even nicer tan I was using a DM brand of spray self tanner and a mitt from KIKO.
You know what I have been loving for my eye brows in the past month? Konad Eye Brow pencil in the shade Brown. It is the perfect light brown colour and what I love the most is that you can definitely build it up. Next to that I have been loving my COLLISTAR lip gloss in the shade 4 – it gives the perfect warmth to the lips without making them to pinky…and the sparkles are definitely gonna give you a flirty look! 🙂
A new brand came to Slovenia and I had to try out all of the products….Makeup Revolution. Here are some of my absolute favourites. Unfortunately I was unable to find one of my mascaras (the black version of the AMAZING LENGHTS mascara you can see in the picture) after filming the video (yeah…stuff just magically disappeares after filming) and I have lost one of my favourite shades of  red lipstick which I have mentioned in one of my previous articles. I have been in LOVE with all of their lipstick but the shade Treat really stud out since it was the PERFECT nude. I have used it so much for the past month and I don´t think I will stop using it.  I FALL IN LOVE is the perfect matt lip gloss for anyone who dares to be different! Purchasing this product was definitely me stepping out of my comfort zone since I am not used of having pink lips – yet alone NEON pink lips…but I love it! I have been using it every time I want to spice up my look and it gives me so much confidence! 🙂 The liquid eye liner was a big win for me, since I am not one who can create a perfect winged liner in a second and the fact that this brush creates such a thin line was definitely reassuring! 😛
O.K. I´m gonna give you a second to get over the BEAUTIFUL colours in this picture. (I know I needed a moment when I first saw this beautiful picture in the flesh.) I got this bracelet from the company CUTE and I´ve been wearing it for the past month! It is the perfect pop of colour to any outfit and I especially like paring it with nudes (such as black and white) since it really stands out and grabs everyone´s attention! 🙂
(Psssst! CUTE has expanded their shipping areas so now the whole Europe and United states can get their hands on these beautiful items! How cool is that? :))

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen this necklace a million times since I have been loving it for the past month! (Don´t I sound just like a Mc Donald´s commercial? :D) It is a perfect nude/cream colour (I got it from BlingBling) and it goes with 3/4 of the stuff I wear.  It looks so classy all though it is a statement necklace! And can we just take a moment to look at the beautiful rose gold watch from cenejenegre.si? It has a beautiful white faux leather belt that makes everyone look like they have been laying in the sun for hours. And can I tell you something more? You can get it by entering in my giveaway (two articles bellow this one)!
These are my last two – I swear! 😀 The first one of the last favourites is this gorgeous studded backpack which I have been wearing like crazy for the past month. It is in this beautiful beige colour with gold studs and the inside is BRIGHT PINK! And you can see my last (but not least) favourite peaking out of the bag…all though it was a small print….MY NAME AND MY COMMENT WAS IN COSMO!!! How awesome is that? Made my month! 🙂 (Now imagine what would happen if I got the whole page…hahaha I would be good for a whole year! :D)

Wonder where you can get these items?

Real Tehniques Core Collection
Sigma Brush Set
I got all LRP items at my local pharmacy
SORAYA – So Pretty piling
SORAYA – Beautiful body – Body Lotion
DM Self Tan Sprey
KIKO Self Tanning Mitt
I got KONAD Eye Brow Pencil a while back at Ličila.si
All Makeup Revolution products
CUTE Bracelet
Bling Bling – Pretty Sweet necklace
Cenejenegre Watch
The backpack is from Pitarello
And HERE you can follow Slovenian Cosmo


  • Kok si lepa! 🙂 Uau!

  • Jooj, hvalaa enako! 🙂 :*

  • Meni so tudi všeč RT, Sigme pa še nisem sprobala 🙂 Kaj ti pa pri Ecotoolsu ni všeč?

  • Izdelka sploh ne ˝poberejo˝, čuti se da so zeeelooo sintetični – kar če primerjamo z Sigmo ali RT, kljub temu da so, sploh ni tako čutit. Zares sem bila najbolj razočarana nad tem, da ne ˝poberejo˝ izdelka ://
    Joj ej, vem da je sigma malo dražja ampak, venrjemi da po tem, ko jo boš 1x preizkusila ne boš želela ničesar drugega! Sama od sedaj naprej kupujem samo še Sigma čopiče in stare bi res najraje prodala ali kaj podobnega in z njimi kupila Sigmo 😀 Bolje 5 kvalitetnih kot ogromno slabših 🙂

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