• August 13, 2014

SKIN CARE 101 – FACE part 1

I think this is officially my first all English article so…if you see any mistakes..bare with me! 😛
So today I´m going to start a new series on my blog – SKINCARE 101…I think it´s important to start with the face since that is the first impression you get from a person and a clear, beautiful skin always reflects a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life 🙂
You probably know me by now and know I like to babble quite a lot…and that is why I had to section this article in to several parts…In the first one I would like to talk about my skin and what I use to cleanse it. ENJOY!

First, I would like to tell you all about my acne-prone skin and how I deal with it…I had a clear skin and did not even know what skin problems are until about the 5th grade…I then got these HUGE skin-deep acne and they were spreading like crazy…it got to a point that I was even called ˝pizza face˝ by my brother. At that time I tried everything..I tried every drugstore and pharmacy cream, gel and tonic you could imagine and I tested every antibiotic ever made for acne-prone skin (really..I almost became BFF with my doctor from seeing him that often) and NOTHING helped..It was like my skin was just too powerful and none of the medication even came close to helping it.
Years passed and nothing changed…until the 1st year of high school…the acne started to fade away (And all by itself, can you believe that? I couldn´t..)  and my skin got better each day. I gained more self-confidence and I finally stopped hiding my skin under pounds of makeup.
But, of course that did not last long (all good things come to an end..right?) and by the end of the 3rd year my acne was back and I did not know what to do…but lucky for me, a friend of mine suggested Roaccutane therapy to me, since, as she said, it did wonders to her boyfriend´s skin.
Before seeing my dermatologist I started doing my research and I was SCARED AS HELL! What I read online gave me goose bumps and I started thinking if it was even worth it…well I did not take long and I saw my dermatologist. She was the sweetest woman I have ever met and she explained everything so nicely. After some blood tests I got my first pack and I started noticing some changes right away..all thought the therapy should last 6 months I stopped after only 4 since the sun got to strong and you should NEVER mix Roaccutane and strong sun rays..EVEN IF you have SPF on your face. Not only was the sun too strong, but the results were AMAZING so it looked like I don´t need any more therapy. After 4 months of babying my skin I could finally start living carelessly and I loved every minute of it. I had the clearest skin of my life.
It is now about a year and a half (maybe a bit more) since my therapy and as I said before…all good things come to an end. My skin started breaking out again when I had my finals this semester and my pores are getting bigger each day.
But to keep everything under control I have a few creams and cleansers up my sleeve that have proven to work in the meantime….and that is why I want to share them with you. (Don´t get me wrong, I will probably have to go down the therapy lane one more time, but this is what is saving my skin until the end of summer.)
So the most important thing is, as you probably know, cleaning your face and getting rid of all the makeup and product build up, you had on for the whole day. I know many women forget this step and I can tell you that bad habits like this will block your pores and cause pre-mature wrinkles…now, since I´M SURE you don´t want that to happen to your skin, I will share with you some of the products I use.
As you can see in the picture above, my all time favourite is LRP Effaclar Purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin. This is the best product for getting all your makeup off, I have ever tried. With the price of 16€ you get A LOT! Since it is a foaming formula you only need a tiny bit to get rid of ALL your makeup..and the best part is, it is made for sensitive skin, so YOU KNOW it is not too bad for you. This product is paraben free and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I have recommended it to girls before and I always get a positive feedback. Cleansing your face after a long day should be a MUST and a #1 in your daily routine. (The only other gel cleanser I found that worked good for my skin was one by the brand Olay. If you are on the lookout for one and there is no pharmacy around, check that one out! :))

I am not a big fan of cleansing wipes, but I am aware they are a must at some points (and it is still better to clean your face at least with a cleansing wipe than with nothing at all). I must admit I have tried only a few and I don´t consider myself an expert in that area, but as far as I can tell I find the drugstore brand CV pretty good. I have noticed it leaves my skin fairly clean (as clean as a wipe can do) and it does not irritate my skin, which I can´t say for any other brand. I buy these wipes mainly because they are cheap and you can get them at some special price at your local Muller quite often.
Now, for the last part of cleansing I will talk about the oh-so-famous Micllear Solution. From what I heard the best one out there is BIODERMA, but I still did not get the chance to try it out since I mainly use my LRP Effeclar gel. For now I have only tried the L´oreal brand, which many bloggers don´t like that much, and I have to say it is O.K.. I find it does not dry out my skin and it leaves my skin quite clean. This is my 2nd bottle..the first one was amazing and it helped my skin sooo much! But once I ran out I wanted to try out Bioderma..my mom made that unnecessary since she bought the Manga mascara and got this Micllear Solution for free! Now, I don´t know if I am being paranoid but I think they changed the formula for the free version since it broke me out and left red spots on my face. My skin does not react good to this product anymore and I don´t know if that is due to the formula or just the fact that my face is extra sensitive. (Do you have any similar experience or am I the only one?) With that said, I don´t think I will be using anything but my LRP Effeclar gel for quite some time!

So, if you read my Facebook post you probably know this will be all for today since I can´t stop talking (writing) once I get excited and I had to section this article in to several different parts. Please let me know your favorite ways to cleanse your face. Don´t be shy to tell me if you tried any of the products mentioned above and your opinion on them…I would love to read all about it!

Stay tuned for my  SKIN CARE 101 – FACE part 2, where I will be talking all about my favorite peeling and sunscreens!


  • Če ti L'orealova micelarna ne odgovarja, bi ti morda Garnierjeva- meni je super- tista v večji pakungi, ali pa od Bourjuois (vsaj pred časom so jo imeli, jaz sem jo kupovala v Leclercu v MB)- obe sta mi super :).

    Pa ZELO se pozna, da je tvoje pisanje v angleščini bolj spontano, sproščeno in da besede kar same letijo, super se bere :)!

  • Aja? Sta ti boljši? Ehh, saj ne vem..itak najpogosteje uporabljam LRP in mi res NI BOLJŠEGA + ena tubica traja cca pol leta ali več ker rabiš res ZELO malo!

    Hehe hvaaaalaaaa <3 Ja, ampak je pa zato prišla ena objava dolga za 3 😀

  • Meni je za čisščenje obraza super Alverde krema z zeleno glino (v rdečem pakiranju), Neutrogena 2in1 maska in gel in pa od Garniera 2in1 gel in odstranjevalec mejkapa – prijazen očem pa še super odstrani vsa ličila 😀 No z vodoodporno maskaro se je treba malo potrudit, kot vedno 🙂

  • Aja? ne, sama pa sem navdušena uporabnica Effeclar kr niti oči se ni treba pomatrat, prou samo čez grem pa vse odstrani 🙂

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