So, you probably know by now, what happened with my SKINCARE 101 – FACE (If you didn´t read the 1st part you can look into my blog to read it.), so instead of me babbling like always I will just go straight to the point…Today´s article will be all about the importance of peeling and sunscreen. Hope you like it! Stay tuned for part 3/3, where I will talk all about moisturizers, anti-spot treatments and some random products I use.

In the second part I will talk about the importance of peelings. I find this little guy the best for my skin, since it removes all the dead skin and leaves my skin feeling like a baby´s bottom. (I wrote a whole article in Slovene on it, which you can read HERE.) Because it does have some salicylic acid in it, you do have to wear sun screen with it…or at least a BB cream with some SPF in it (You can see my favourite next to the peeling…don´t you just love the pretty packaging? You can read an entire article about it in Slovene just by clicking HERE.). Since my skin reacts great with salicylic acid I can use this peeling quite often and it helps control my acne, too. I would recommend this peeling to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU and I guarantee you won´t be disappointed! You only need a tiny bit and you can use it every 2-3 days. I have tried sooo many peelings in the past and that is why I can guarantee you won´t be disappointed. This peeling has become, just as my LRP Effeclar gel, a MUST in my skin care…


As I have said previously, sunscreen is sooo important if you are using ANYTHING with salicylic acid (well, it is important even if you are not), since it saves your skin from the dangerous sun rays and it helps with pre-mature wrinkling, which I am sure, no one wants. On the picture you can see my 2 favorites which are soo similar in texture you probably could not tell them apart if you didn´t see the bottles. I use SPF 50+ when I know I will be exposed to direct sunshine and I think LRP ANTHELIOS XL is perfect for anyone with oily skin since it leaves a matt finish (SORAYA sun screen does that too) that is PERFECT for applying makeup over top. You can see I find two things most important with sunscreens -> UVB + UVA, both of these creams are going to protect you like nothing else and you should apply them even when the weather is a bit cloudy -> that is when I apply my SORAYA sunscreen with SPF 25, since I don´t need anything that strong but I still want to protect my skin and leave it looking young as long as possible! You should apply sunscreen a few times a day, but since I know that can be quite annoying I suggest you at least do it before going outside for a couple of hours. 🙂

I hope this article was helpful if you were thinking of trying any of these products out! What skin care products have you been loving recently? What do you think of the products mentioned in this article?