So, after my first fitness post (which you can find on my blog) I kept getting questions about how I stay motivated. Now, since I think I am the worst person to have high motivation for a long period of time, I think that makes me the perfect person to tell you how I go through my lazy days and how I motivate myself. Now, I am not saying this works ALL THE TIME, but it does at most times and I think that is better than nothing.

I told you on my Facebook page I will have to divide this post in few different parts, since I am one to babble quite a lot. In the first part I would like to talk about how you can use Instagram and the help of your close ones in your advantage.

We are in modern times and apps are almost running our lives…so, why not take that to our advantage? I must say I am not one who loves looking at pictures of perfect bodies since it only makes me feel worse about myself…BUT I must admit it is 100% better to look at those perfect fit bodies and healthy meals in the morning than someone stuffing their face in cake and ice cream (I know, I know…I post these pictures, too…BUT I am not saying I am the perfect example of that).You can find soooo many motivating accounts just by searching through tags like: #fit #fitspo #fitfam etc.
Now, the second thing I like to do is post some of my ˝cheat meal-s˝, since I think that makes it public and since I have already stated I want to get fit I don´t really want to show you my binge posting when I do it actually makes me feel a bit guilty and it makes me have less cheat meals (I don´t know..Maybe I´m just weird…but hey, it works!).
Some people even suggest you should post every single one of your meals and have a ˝meal diary˝…well I´m not judging…that is what most people use Instagram for anyway, right?

The second thing I think it´s quite important is to tell your friends and family you are trying to get fit. If your sibling is anything like mine he/she will probably make fun of you at the beginning and that will only make you want to prove them wrong more, right? Now, since my brother is a fitness trainer he is ˝GREAT˝ at making me feel guilty every time I want to binge. I feel quite lucky since my best friend is trying to get in shape, too. We meet up a couple of times a week and talk about our step backs, progress and anything new we have learned or what we are trying out at the moment.
Some people suggest you should find a fitness partner since that should bring out your competitive side and you would always want to be better. Well, that doesn´t work for me..I usually just end up chatting with the person OR lose my motivation since I see how good the person is and I am not even close. Now, I am not saying that will happen to you since I see people just starting out who find support in their buddy and don´t feel the need to skip gym since they know they will let their buddy down.
If you have a significant other you should tell them about your goals first…now, I am one to say I know my boyfriend LOVES my body the way it is now and I know he would love it if I would gain some pounds rather than lose them…BUT I´ve explained to him I want this reaaaally badly so now he is the most supportive person out there. Since he is the person who knows me best he knows how to push my buttons and make me go to the gym. For example..I never tell anyone I want to quit since that is embarrassing (I mean..I have been only back to the gym for about a month) but him.
Now, in that moment he starts saying things like:

˝Oh, that´s O.K. But don´t you EVER say you hate you body again, EVER. If you quit now, don´t you start calling yourself a quitter and a loser a month from now ´cuz you choose this. You are deciding to QUIT. If you quit now don´t you come crying to me when you feel ugly and disgusting like you always do. If you really want to quit..I am with you. But if I ever hear you complain about your body again…˝

Well, he tried different methods in the past, but somehow this always gets me to the gym.
You all probably know by now me and my boyfriend live together in Maribor…so, what made me the happiest I have ever been was hearing him say he was planning to start going to the gym, once the school year starts. If you can get the person/people you are living with to start doing something I promise you, that will be sooooo helpful since you know you will have someone close to you who is going through the same stuff you are + you might even notice a lack of junk food in the house…Now, let´s just keep our fingers crossed he will do as he says in October! 😀


This will be all for today, but make sure to stay tuned for the next article, I will talk about many more ways of how you can stay motivated :).