I hope you are having a great morning and the weather is not bringing you down.
So, we have finally come to part 3 (you can read about part 1 and 2 on my blog) of my skincare 101, face care…I told you I like to babble a lot! Can you imagine how long this article was at the beginning, when all 3 parts were joined? 😀
Well, now I am leaving the decision making to you, what part of SKINCARE 101 would you like to read about next?Also, I have just posted (a day or two ago) my new favorite face mask I have discovered, on my Facebook page – don´t forget to follow me there so you can hear all about my newest founds the second I try them out!

I always had problems finding the right moisturizers and creams for my skin type and I have tried millions – from Elizabeth Arden, to Olay, Essence, Soraya and Alverde…and none of them did what these few do for my skin. The miracle workers, you can see on the picture above are my holy grail items I can´t imagine my life without them.
I will start with my #1 product, I would recommend to ANYONE who is dealing with acne and breaks out quite often…The miracle product´s name is Effeclar K (as you can see, I have a thing for LRP products…and no, unfortunately (:D) I am not sponsored by them and I did not get any of these products for free…all though that would not be to bad since I have probably spend thousands of € on their products by now) I see a difference in my skin as soon as I use it and my skin has become addicted to it. If I don´t add it to my daily routine for a week or so I can immediately notice some spots and acne forming…My dermatologist recommended this product to me and I couldn´t be more thankful!
Now, for the second product I will talk about Effeclar DUO. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed when I bought this product (I bought it a month or so ago, when I started breaking out, due to the finals, again.). I have looked at many reviews and people always said this was supposed to be the Effeclar K´s ˝big brother˝ who is 10 times more affective and can cure acne in hours…well it did not do that for me..at all.. (But I heard there is a Effeclar DUO serum that is a much stronger version of the Effeclar K…but it is about 50£ and I truly don´t want to risk that kind of money until I do some more research) But, what I did notice was that using it on top of Effeclar K made the pores on my nose disappear! Since I did not want to throw it out I have been using it just on my nose and chin area, where I have the largest pores, and I have to say, this combo in unbelievable!
You probably saw by now, I have a lot of products that are targeted for acne-prone skin. And of course there is one more product anyone with acne-prone skin can´t live without…spot treatment. I use one from Neutrogena that burns like hell if you put it on any damaged skin, but it is great for that quick fix, if you see a white-head the night before your big date. Since I try to prevent acne from happening in the first place I usually don´t even have to reach for this product…but this month, it was a must!
You may wonder, what I use for my night cream since you can see, I dry out my skin during the day…well I had not had this product for long, but I can tell you it is my new favourite! It is VICHY NORMADERM NIGHT DETOX…this is the only night cream that does ANYTHING for my skin and does not just leave it greasy. When I try out new products I like to change just one at the time, so I can actually SEE if there is any difference. I have been using this product now for about two weeks and I have noticed I no longer have greasy areas around my nose when I wake up. My skin feels soft and hydrated in the morning and !!! (all though I don´t think, it is meant to do that) I even blame it for my smaller under-eye circles (all though I got less than usual sleep for the last couple of days) !!!
And since we are on the subject of eyes…there is one eye cream (or should I say eye gel) that I always use with great care since I know, this is probably the last time I could get my hands on it. It is CHEOPHEE eye-gel and it is the only eye product that does not irritate my under-eye skin while keeping it nice, soft and moisturized. It is a miracle in a tube, but unfortunately I can´t get my hands on it anymore since the only place I could get it from, stopped selling it and I am running on the last couple of uses.
Please, if you know of ANY eye cream or eye gel, that is great for sensitive skin, let me know! PLEASE!


I´m positive you did not expect to see at least one of these items in my face skin care! That is my hand sanitizer…this is a must in my bag since I am one to touch my face quite a lot during the day and since that can cause even more acne and bacteria build up, I like to sanitize my hands before touching my face as much as possible (of course I don´t always remember..I am only a human being :D)…even if I washed them with soap a few minutes earlier (if nothing else I touched the door handle). I think this step is not that important if you are not like me and don´t pick at your face :D. And for the last item I want to share with you this lip balm I once bought just because I needed a quick fix and fell in love ever since. I have tried all the lip balms you could possibly imagine but none of them hydrates my lips as fast and leaves them as soft. I found it at my local Merkator (drugstore) and it think that is the only place you could get it from…the next time you´re at the drugstore I suggest you pick one up!
Well, this will be it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say about my skin care – face, routine and my opinions on this topic. If you have any suggestions on what other skin care I should try out, please let me know. Tell me about your favourites and tell me, if you have tried any of mine and what do you think of them! I would love to read all of that. I hope my first ˝all-English˝ article was not too bad and I look forward to making more of them!