• August 29, 2014

Day to night – Playsuit

As I have stated many times, I truly hate the summer we´ve had this year (and yes, I am speaking in the past since I doubt a couple of weeks can make up for all the bad weather)…I never know what to wear. If I put on something short and summery it is perfect for a couple of hours in the morning and by the time noon comes around I am freezing my a** off..whereas, if I put on a simple black shirt and some jeans I feel like autumn is here + I´m boiling before the day comes to an end. Well, I have found the perfect solution…if you wanna know what I am talking about – keep scrolling! 🙂
I found this BEAUTIFUL playsuit and fell in love the minute I put it on. I think it is perfect for the summer we´ve been having since It keeps you cool because of the exposed shoulders but also transitions great into cold evenings due to the dark colors and long pants.
I think I will be able to transition this piece beautifully into autumn and I think (with the right accessories) I will even be able to wear it in spring! Beautiful, versatile and classy at the same time. In the day time part I made the look quite casual (all though still keeping the classy vibe) but this piece truly looks its best in the evening time with some classy high heels! I just HAD to include one of my favorite pair of glasses…can you see how perfectly these two go together? It´s a match made in heaven! 😀 (Yes, I know..little things amuse me..) I usually carry more stuff around with me in the day time than I do in the night time and that is why I have decided on this beautiful little black purse that truly pulls the look together. Since it is summer time I don´t need to carry so much around and I can get away with this smaller piece. It is structured very well and you can feel the quality…+ the gold detail truly goes great with the belt and the sandals.
Don´t you think so? 🙂
This is it for my day time look…if you want to see how I style this look and transform it into a perfect outfit for a night out with the girls, make sure you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram! I am in love with how this outfit looks for a night out so much; I HAD to put it into a separate post! 🙂
What do you think about playsuits? They are my favorite and I own quite a lot of them already, but this is my first one with long pants…and I couldn´t be happier to add it to my collection!
I had to admit this to you…this outfit really gave me a boost of confidence and I truly did feel great wearing it. Everything from the material to the pattern and the style…it was all ME! And I think every single one of us should have more pieces like this in our closets that lift our spirits up and give us that extra boost of confidence + it was sooooo comfortable…I am 100% you will be seeing a lot more of me wearing this! 🙂
So for now, this is all. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will stick around to see the night time look I fell in love with.



  • Wau, kakšno lepo dekle 🙂 *

  • Hvalaa :*

  • Wau, kakšen čudovit pajac! Trenutno imam samo enega, ampak kratkega oz. s kratkimi hlačami, se mi pa zdi tak, z dolgimi hlačnicami, res perfekten za tako vmesno vreme, ker tudi jaz ne vem, kako se obleči.. Ok danes je že kar zimsko hladno skoraj, ampak načeloma pa je bilo res tako: če sem bila v kavbojkah sem zgorela, v kratki oblekici pa me je, sploh če je pihalo in v senci, prezeblo…

    Res lepo skombinirano, tudi torbica mi je res cortkana, ker je moje najljubše oblike za torbice!

  • Jaaaa, prelep je…pa tudi za začetek jeseni s kakšno jaknico ali pa za prehod iz zime v pomlad bo super! Res, tako vsesktranski in takooooo eleganten deluje..

    Hehe hvala 🙂 Ja, torbica je res lepa pa tudi super kvalitetna 🙂

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