So, it´s that time of the week again…it´s fitness motivation time! If you haven´t seen part 1 you can read all about it on my blog. I have started this series since I am the one person who can´t stay motivated for more than a week (hell, I am eating cookies while writing this!) and I have found some tips that help me sometimes (well, as you can see, they are not 100% effective…but, if your will powers is any stronger than mine, you are good ;)). If you have any tips, please share them with me..I would love to read them! 🙂
I think I have made this clear by know but I can´t stress this enough! I have read about how you should tell everyone about your planes a million times, but never actually did it…I don´t know why..I just did not think it would work. Now, I have to say that now that I have told you all about my goals I feel like I can´t disappoint you. You guys know you mean the world to me and that is why I feel like I have to make you proud and I don´t want to make a fool of myself by saying one thing and then not doing it. I know your parents might try to tempt you too eat junk food in the beginning (trust me, the same day I told my parents they bought a freezer full of my favourite ice cream, made fried cheese AND went to the nearby bakery for some cherry desserts)..I am not saying it will be easy to say “no”, but once you do it (enough times) I can tell you they will stop and start taking you seriously. You just have to go through the temptation the first couple of times…
And yes, your ˝friends˝ will probably say you don´t need to get fit or lose weight since you are perfect the way you are. I don´t care about that since what is important is the way you feel. O.K. so they might think you look great, but if you don´t feel that way, does their opinion matter? I am not ready to talk about my fitness history, but I can tell you this much; There will always be people who will say you train to hard or you shouldn´t exercise as much or be as strict as you are…now I will get real with you (and yes, I rarely course but…here it goes)…those are just some jealous BITCHES who don´t have the will power to get of their ass and don´t want to see you do good since they are afraid you will look better. So please, the next time someone says you have ˝to much muscle˝ or that ˝you should eat like a normal human˝ just FUCK THEM! You don´t need that kind of people in your life! My best friend and I tell each other when we feel like a hypo and we support each other..she tells me what I should try out and I tell her what she should. We don´t say to each other we are perfect the way we are since I know that won´t push her to her goals and vice versa…and you know what? I couldn´t be happier to have her in my life, telling me to get off my fat ass, put down the ice cream and go to the gym!

Now that I put all that out of my system 😀 (Hope you don´t find me to harsh now! :D)….
Another great site/app where you can get inspired is We <3 it. I have to say I love looking at pretty pictures and I log on to this site every morning and/or evening. Nothing really inspires me more than pretty workout clothes and seeing girls train (now I know we ALL have that one friend who can eat her ass off and will never gain a, that doesn´t inspire me and it only makes me feel worse..). I love seeing girls who actually put some effort in to looking good since that makes me feel like I am on the right track. I have even created an album dedicated just to fitness. You can follow me on We <3 it and see what inspires me (Shameless promotion, what what! :D) by clicking HERE.

justNow, these two tips will be all for now since I think it is time to take my dog out for his walk. Hope you stay tuned for the next FITNESS MOTIVATION part and I hope you don´t find me too scary after this one :D. Stay tuned until the end of the week for the Night time look of the playsuit I have presented to you before.