• September 3, 2014


So, I am a strong believer that with all the crazy daily routines we have we should take some times for ourselves and treat ourselves. So, I would like to suggest how you should do that and what works for me. I love to have at home spa days and I love to take a few minutes each day to relax and forget the outside world. I know that is not possible for everyone but I do believe everyone should take at least a couple of minutes a week to keep sane :D.
I know this is a long article, but there is a giveaway hiding in it so you should definitely read it through! 🙂

Now, I admit I got in to that just recently, but I do love a good at home face mask. I usually love the ones you can make with the ingredients you have at home and I have quite a few good recipes, but I have been loving those little face masks you can buy at your local drugstore and I have tried quite a lot and found out my favorites. I really do suggest you should try a few and find out what works for you. Now, I am quite a rebel when it comes to face masks and I love to leave them on for about an hour or at least half an hour…although companies mostly suggest 10-20min.

While I let the mask do its thing I like to take care of my nails. As you could see in one of the previous articles my nails were quite bad, but since Sara did my nails they have been looking better than ever and I would like that to last so I give myself an at home manicure at least once a week. Sometimes I do that a bit too often (nails removers can really f* up your nails) in case I get a new nail polish color or I feel like my old one is chipping. I love painting my nails since I forget about everything for a little while…and I usually do that while watching House so I don´t get bored while waiting for the nail polish to dry.


Not many women realize, but hands age quite fast if you don´t moisturize them enough (just Google Madonna hands and you will see what I am talking about)..I have just started to do this regularly again, but I am a strong believer you should at least use a very greasy and strong hand cream before bed time and let it soak in to your skin overnight..You will see all your dry patches will disappear and your hand will be sooo soft in the morning. I am using my Nivea Cream at the moment and I have to say the skin around my nails has been looking great lately (and that is coming from someone who has been biting it all of her life).

I have talked about this quite a lot already in my previous articles, so I won´t be long this time. I love treating myself to a good peeling (I use SORAYA So Pretty pilling) every 3 days and I usually use a face mask after I use it..I just love how silky soft my face feels afterwards.

Hehe, now that is something I came up with since I don´t really know what to call these things. I have been searching for an ˝ice pack˝ for around the eyes for ageeees and I finally found it a couple of weeks ago in my local Muller for only about 2€!!! It has been doing magic to my under eyes ever since. I suffer from really bad dark under eyes (Thanks dad!) and although I don´t believe there is much you can do with that, when it comes to genetics, I think this eye pack has really been doing miracles for that area of my skin lately. I mostly use it when I feel a little puffy under the eyes, but I have used it even on a regular day when I felt like treating myself and I really have noticed my under eyes brightening up (and trust me, I did not get any more sleep than I usually do). I use it for about 10min and the puffiness disappears right after.

I know I talk about at home hair masks quite a lot, but I must admit they are my weakness..I rarely take an hour out of my day for them but I have to admit my hair feels silky soft when I do them. I suggest everyone should do one at least every 2 weeks…and not like me..every couple of months (I really should start listening to what I preach).

I don´t think this is anything special, but I realize that not many women take a minute or five out of their day to really moisturize their skin. Since I have started my fitness journey this has become a must and I love how my skin feels. I have been loving my Ziaja moisturizers lately that my boyfriend´s mother bought me (Thank you! :)). They leave my skin the softest it has ever been while relaxing my mind with the beautiful fragrance.

I know, I know..we all get lazy when it comes to pedicure, but you should always remember to take care of your legs as much as you take care of your hands even in the colder months OR you will be looking dry when sandal season comes around. I love giving myself a pedicure AT LEAST every 2 weeks since it keeps my feet looking healthy and soft all year long. Now for the best looking feet I suggest using a good ˝roller˝ to keep away the dry skin. I have heard only great things of the Scholl roller and if you have made it this far, I am happy to tell you I will be giving one away at the end of this article (its retail price is 39,99€). I also like to massage my feet while I am at it for at least 5-10min and I love to painting my nails since I think painted nails look sooooo CUTE! For the summer I have been reaching for neon colors and I have even created a French manicure/pedicure a few weeks ago which I feel in love with!


Now, the last advice I will give you in this post is just to take an hour or two out of your week just to relax. If for you that means reading a good book or watching a good comedy either way you should just take some time to leave your everyday stress behind and have some time to yourself. Turn off your phone and computer and just relax. Go get a massage or a professional manicure or even go to a hair dresser..whatever makes you feel better while takes you away for a while. I love learning more about beauty, makeup and fashion and I have been loving my Vogue Make Up book this week and I will probably go and read right after I finish this post.

I have many more suggestions but I think I have told you enough for this post and I know you are probably quite excited about the giveaway and want me to shut up already! 😀

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So, about that giveaway…
Since September is my birthday month I have decided I will be giving away a Scholl Velvet Smooth Express pedi feet roler thanks to the company itself and I can bet you will love it. It is pretty, practical and effective! It will leave your feet soft as a baby´s… 🙂
And with its price being 39,99€ I bet you would love to get your hands on one for free.


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Now, for all my Slovenian readers I will also add what our own beautiful model, blogger and stylist etc. Tjaša Kokalj thinks about this product and even some information about the product itself.



  • Tole Ziaja maslo za telo si že ful dolgo želim sprobat, sam mam še preveč drugih :/ Drugač pa super giveaway !

  • Ja, tudi js sm jih mela ogromno in si nism hotela ampak potem ko mi je pa od fanta mama kupila sem bila pa takooo hvaležna in res…jih imam še ogromno drugih doma odprtih ampak ta je res TOP! Hvala, pridruži se, mogoče prav ti dobiš 🙂

  • dober post 🙂 jaz bi tudi rada probala to maslo za telo, čeprav so mi kreme za telo boljše in bolj praktične 🙂 to strgalo bi mi pa prav prišlo, saj imam od poletja kr boge podplate :/ in na sploh svojim nogam premalo posvečam pozornost.

  • Hvala! Ej, js sm bla tudi vedno takega mnenja ampak ne moreš verjet kako hitro se to maslo posuši..pa čeprav je maslo. 🙂

  • Kje pa še prodajajo izdelke Ziaja? V dm-u sem zasledila samo maslo v rjavi embalaži, ki ga trenutno tudi uporabljam, vendar mi postaja vonj vedno manj všeč in bi rada poskusila še tega v oranžnem lončku 🙂 mogoče pa samo nisem imela sreče in je tega oranžnega zmankalo vsakič ko sem prišla v trgovino 😀

  • Ejla 🙂
    ne bi vedela, ker mi je od fanta mama kupila..sem pa zasledila sama v DM zelenega, belega in rjavega..ne vem :/

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