I have finally prepared the night time look with the beautiful playsuit from dolls.si….
For the night time I have added a classic red lipstick and a bag to match it. A pair of stilettos was a must since it took the look from fun and girly to sexy and feminine.
(You can take a look at the day time part on my blog.)
I love this look and I can´t wait for the next time I´ll wear it…
(hmmm..my 20th birthday is coming up in less than 10day…).
This time, instead of me babbling like always I will leave the talking to the pictures. I truly do love this look so you might see even more pictures on my Instagram/Facebook.
Hope you enjoy this post and as always, all the information about the items featured in this post will be listed below.
P.S. There is a GIVEAWAY on my blog and you can read all about it HERE – you can win an awesome item worth 39,99€ !!!


Hope you enjoyed this post and I have to say this playsuit is currently my favourite part of my wardrobe collection. I feel like a million bucks wearing it and it is sooooo comfortable! I love the fact that you can dress it up or down and the fact that it looks perfect for chilly summer nights, autumn days and with the right accessories even spring!
That will be all for today, please let me know if you enjoyed this ˝Day to night˝ posts and if you want to see more! You can read the 1st – day time – part HERE and don´t forget about the giveaway!