Today I want to talk about a little miracle worker I found that really keeps my skin soft and moisturized. You probably know by now, I suffer from acne and have quite an oily skin skin type, so the first time I saw this product I thought I don´t need it, since it is made for dry skin.
But after examining my skin for a while and thinking things through, I´ve noticed that all those anti-acne products dry out my skin on the areas where there is no spots + my foundation always applies terrible on those areas..
One day I´ve noticed my skin being EXTREMELY bad around my cheek area (most of my acne appears on my chin and my forehead) and my foundation actually looked like it is peeling off!
Now I immediately took off my foundation and put on this product – VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL rich, since I heard it is supposed to help dry skin with in hours of application. I noticed somewhat of an unpleasant feeling at first, but I was patient and left it on for the whole day. In the evening I went to cleanse my face and the minute I touched my face I noticed how soft it is and there were no more dry areas! It was like a miracle. The next day I was oily again, but my dry spots were nowhere to be found!
After a while of almost forgetting about this product and using my everyday products, I started noticing my dry skin areas again, so I decided to give this cream another go…and this time I paid EXTRA ATTENTION to my skin and have seen the same results AGAIN! Since I get asked about skincare products quite a lot and don´t really know what to suggest when it comes to dry skin I thought I HAD to share this product with you.
I have been using it for a while now, but only when necessary since I am a bit scared I will create an even oilier mess on my face if I over use it (since it is made for dry skin) and I can tell you I love it! Any time, I feel like my skin is just a bit too ˝tight˝ I use it and I´m always surprised…I´m just sad I didn´t try out this product earlier!
Now, for all you dry skin ladies…this product survived the test on the most sensitive, delicate skin so I think you would love it! I really suggest you giving it a try! And I think even you acne-prone ladies would love it every once in a while when your skin needs a break from all the salicylic acid :).