Quite a lot of you said you miss my Fitness Motivation series so I decided to give you some more advice ASAP. Since I have to come up with new advice every week these articles are quite short, but I hope you like them non the less. (I already prepared some new ones for next weeks so you don´t miss out on new advice! :))

So…here it goes..


I am not saying you should treat yourself with some ice cream or cake (all though I know we are all human and you can´t always control yourself…and that is O.K.) but try saving some money and once you start seeing results buy yourself a pair of new training shoes or a tank top..or something that will make you want to work out more while still not go against your goals!

I know, I know…we are all human and I don´t know a single person who could have a perfectly clean diet for a looong time. C´mon..try and name one! I dare you!
I suggest having a cheat meal quite often in the beginning (I am not saying every day or every other day), ´cuz trust me when I say this…if you deprive yourself from EVERYTHING in the beginning you are more likely to binge eat and even give up. I know it is a cliché but you should really take one step at the time. If you love your soda, you should try to replace with some lemonade at the beginning. If you can´t get enough of your crisps you should at least try to replace them with the baked version in the beginning. Trust me, small changes make a great difference!
I know you are probably wondering why I am talking about this in my motivation article..well, if you know you will have your cheat meal in the future it helps you to eat clean at the time..trust me. If I deprive myself of everything tasty for anything more than a week and I have no idea when I will be able to have another scoop of ice cream I will give up and go eat a whole truck load of ice cream. Now, on the other hand..if I know I will have a cheat meal in a day or two I can just wait a bit more and I can tell you it is not rare that my craving passes by the time cheat day arrives and I can go a day or two more. For me, this is really mental. Even if I don´t have a cheat meal, just the thought that I CAN makes me feel better.