It has been quite some time, since I last talked about my nails..(If you want to see my first article – unfortunately, only in Slovene – check out my previous posts.)
And I think it is time for a little update! 🙂
I am happy to announce I have stopped biting my nails and they have grown out beautifully. My index finger has completely healed and I have been painting my nails like crazy. Now, after years of biting I of course had very brittle nails and they chipped quite a lot..and that is why I decided to make a visit to Sara – the only person I trust with my nails and the only one I will ever go to, after my last experience! Now, I know you may think I am full of BS, but trust me when I say this, and I have told this to many of my personal friends, Sara is THE BEST! She always makes sure you are comfortable and don´t feel bad about your nails, she takes good care of them while pleasing your every wish about the design. After she treated my nails so good the last time I can guarantee she is worth the drive (if you are not from Maribor) and you will not be disappointed + your nails will look better than ever! I know mine do. It was great seeing her and I could be very comfortable with her the minute I walked through the door. I started bragging about how beautiful my nails are. (If you ever bit your nails, you will know how great it feels once you finally stop! 😀 I couldn´t hide how proud I am of myself.) I told her I have been painting my nails like CRAZY and that has made them even more prone to breakage..
This time I wanted to keep my natural length and Sara did just what I wanted. She took just a liiiiiiittle length of my nails to give them some shape, but gave them a beautiful, classy french with a pop of gold/silver on my ring finger.
All though I love my nails, after seeing hers I already know, what my next mani will look like (Don´t worry, I asked her if I could take a picture of her nails, since they truly are BEAUTIFUL!).
So, I have had my gel nails now for a couple of days and I can´t tell you how great it feels. My nails look just like they did the minute she was done. My nails are nice and firm and I can be sure there will not be any chipping for quite some time! (That was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Sara again.)
I am happy I won´t have to paint my nails almost every day again (yea..I REALLY hate the look of chipped nails..) and my hands will always look nice and classy…
I recommend a french manicure to EVERYONE! It is beautiful, classy and you don´t have to touch it up as much as when you have a full colored nail! I think a beautiful, shinny french suits EVERYONE, no matter the length or the width of your nail :).
I know, you have had enough of me babbling so…here are the pictures! 🙂

Sara´s BEAUTIFUL nails & my inspiration for growing even longer nails:


I know this was quite a random topic, but after being so pleased with Sara for the second time I really wanted to share my experience and maybe give an idea to any girl, thinking about her next design. And to everyone, who is looking for someone new, to do your nails..I truly do recommend Sara!