• September 22, 2014

50 shades

So after seeing the Moschino Barbie fashion show, all I can think about is my childhood and how I can incorporate that into my wardrobe, while still looking put together and not come out looking like I belong to the loony bin.
As we all know, the sporty-chic trend is becoming bigger than ever and I can almost imagine sports bras becoming a thing..And yes, as a beauty/fashion blogger I sometimes see myself following a trend, and loving it, because I´ve seen it on my favorite blogger.
(Can we just talk about the spongebob sweater dress Chiara wore a couple of days ago? I WANT ONE!)
I have decided to put together a childish print and a sporty vibe and have created a look that is sooo cozy and comfortable – you will want to wear it EVERY DAY! I pair a beautiful, thick and soft sweater with some black pants and a pair of silver sneakers and created a look I will probably wear quite a lot, once college begins (yup..I love being comfortable in the class room).
For that extra touch of a sporty vibe I paired the look with my gym bag and a braid that pulls the hair out of your face, while still give you a cute look.
I have fallen in love in this sweater the minute I laid my eyes on it and I love to wear it after the gym, so I don´t catch a cold. The sweater is loose enough to make me feel comfy and thick enough to keep me worm even in the winter.
If you read my FITNESS MOTIVATION part 3, you know how I talked about treating yourself…well why not treat yourself to a cute, after workout sweater? I know, I became obsessed with how comfy it is and I want everyone to have one! 😀
So without further ado..here is my sporty-childish Moschino inspired (Seriously, how cute was the spongebob sweater dress?!) outfit 🙂
(As always, all information about the items will be listed below.)



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