• September 24, 2014

My gold secret

So those of you who have been following me for a while probably know, I can´t stop talking about my Holy Grail foundation – Bourjois Healthy Mix…well…I think that just might stop!
I know..that was a shock for me, too.. I have been loving my healthy mix ever since I first discovered it (about 2-3 years ago) and for the first time I think I can say I have found something just as good, if not better!
I will say this at the beginning, so there is no confusion..YES, I was sent this product and NO that does not influence my judgment.  (If you follow me by now, you already know that, but since there are so many bloggers nowadays that brag about a product, just because it was given to them I think I have to say a little disclaimer.) For the foundation itself.. It was given to me by the Oriflame company and I feel in love with its packaging the minute I laid my eyes on it. It came in a beautiful gold package and the ˝bottle˝ looked so classy I had to add it to my ˝luxury shelf˝.
(It´s a shelf where I put everything that makes me feel happy.)

Now, this little bottle is not just something to put on the shelf and look at it. The first time I applied it (by the way, I am in the shade Porcelain) I have noticed it offers a medium coverage while giving you a skin like finish (Seriously, when my boyfriend walked through the door, he didn´t even know I´ve got makeup on! He just complimented my skin! :)). I was quite impressed all though I was not much of a fan of the smell. Well, a couple of hours have passed and I have noticed an oily spot around my nose (that does not usually happen with my Healthy mix) which did not make me that happy, so I blotted one of the sides with some blotting paper and I DID NOT add any powder on top. I left my other side as it is, for the rest of the day. After about 9h of me wearing the foundation (I try to wear makeup as little as possible, so this was a reaaally long time for me.) I have noticed it looked as good as the moment I applied it. The part I did not blot did not get any greasier where as the part I did blot became just a tiny bit greasy. I have noticed my blush stayed on the same place where I put it about 9h before and it did not smudge! (If you are a regular makeup wearer you know, that is how you know how good your foundation is.) The foundation gave me a medium coverage and I do not think you could build it up more, but I do think you could sheer it out a bit more and make it a sheer coverage. It took care of my miner imperfections, while gave me an even complexion. I had to use my Terra Nutri concealer under my eyes and my CV concealer on my acne spots, but I think it is well worth it for the price. For the next couple of days I used my Essence translucent powder on top which kept the shine away, while leaving the foundation looking natural. I must admit I was a bit scared when I saw the foundation had a slight of a pinkish undertone (I am always used to yellow undertones on my skin.), but I must admit it was a nice surprise on the skin and I think it suited me even better than my yellow-toned foundations! Now, I know you have had enough of me talking so I will include some pictures of how the foundation looks on it´s own, with concealers & with a touch of translucent powder, all using flash photography and no flash. ENJOY!

(I am sorry about the 8h photo – I couldn´t take it with no flash, since there was no natural light.)








I hope you liked this article 🙂
You can get the foundation HERE.


  • Mene pa zanima od katere firme imaš blush na zadnji sliki?

  • Hejla 🙂 Od Lily Lolo 🙂

  • Zelo bi bila vesela, če bi mi povedala še odtenek oz še bolje dala kar link do izdelka? Hvala ti 🙂

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