So, another week, another Fitness motivation part, right?
Well, today I am going to talk about bloggers and fashion. You think that doesn´t ˝go together˝ with fitness motivation? Think again! 🙂

Now, If you are anything like me, you love blogs (and, since you are reading probably are). I found reading health and fitness blogs really inspires me and it motivates me to get off my ass and go to the gym. In fact, a beautiful Slovenian blogger – The Beauty Law – actually inspired me to start these series! I found her blog inspiring since she is real and not shy to tell you about her past and her struggles…I think you would really like her! 🙂
I am not saying she is the only one who writes about health and fitness..she is just the one who inspired me. Try finding new blogs to follow and you will soon see you will become addicted! Learning new things while interacting with your favorite blogger is always a blast and it gives you that extra push you need, to get yourself to the gym. I mean..knowing someone hot went through the same S* as you are right now, really motivates you to keep going!
(P.S. Let me know, if there are any fitness/health blogs you think I should follow!)

If you´re a girl, you´ll get me!
If you buy yourself a piece that costed a bit more and makes your ass look great, you will want to wear it as much as possible! Now, I did some shopping before going to the gym and I bought all brights. Now yes, I know you can see some fat and probably some cellulite when I wear it…but guess what? Nobody cares how you look like in the gym! I love wearing brights and if I feel a little bloated and I can see how my shorts are showing off a little bit of fat, that doesn´t bring me fact, it makes me want to work out more since I know my ass will look great in them eventually! The first day I got my new items I wanted to go to the gym in that second! I just wanted to wear the items! And let me tell you..if you invest some money in your attire you won´t want to have it laying around in your closet! Now, what motivates me the most is the fact that the clothes look better on me every day! And yes, I know I am no Victoria´s Secret angel and I may look funny when I wear my brights and think I look like a million bucks…but hey, if it works..why not do it!?!