• September 28, 2014

My Little Secret

Today I wanna talk to you about an APP! Yea, you read that correctly.
There´s a new fashion app out there to which I was invited about a month ago, and now, I wanna tell you about it..
So, the deal with this app is, that you can only enter if you have been invited and if you have a special code. Today, I will invite all of you since I think it is a cool way to get expensive items for free! So, what´s deal with this app you ask?
It offers you pricey items, like Burberry bags and Celine bags etc. and you pay what you want to pay. But the trick is, the item is there only for 9minutes… so you have to be fast!
I don´t even know if I can talk about it on my blog since it is supposed to be for the people you invite only, but hey! I wanna invite all of you!
So, I hope they don´t throw me off the app because of this..but here a couple of items that were up in the last couple of days:

You can get the Iphone app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/peach/id900419879

And the Android app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=peach.fdroid&hl=en

And you can use the code !!! tskwda !!! to enter the app, so hurry up!
You can also follow peach on Instagram to find out what item will be up next, and when it will be up.
I know this is a random post, but I couldn´t keep this app a secret any more, I just HAD to share it with you.
Now, I hope you enjoy and discover everything Peach has to offer.


  • kode ne gre več uporabit 🙁

  • Ojla 🙂 Ja, je že v prvih nekaj minut šlo cca 50 povabil, pa sama takega odziva res nisem pričakovala..povabil mi je pač zmanjkalo. Sem pa že pisala ustanoviteljem aplikacije, ki so tudi mene osebno povabli, če mi jih lahko dajo še kaj oz. kako jih lahko dobim še več, ker je app res super 🙂
    Sporočim, ko kaj zvem 😉

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