• September 30, 2014

Orange like fall leaves

So I had these two beauties for quite some time now, but I never got the chance to wear them..until now. Well, to be honest, I had worn one of the two items a couple of times, but one was just not me..no matter how much I played with it. Until now..
If you want to know what I´m talking about, keep on scrollin´!

I have been trying to incorporate this lipstick into my daily routine since I am not really an orange (or even bright) lip kind of girl. And I just couldn´t do it! Until now! With fall coming I have started to reach for my bronzey-redish eyeshadows..and you know what goes PERFECT with that? A lipstick like the one you are looking at! I have been using the lip liner quite a lot since it is more up my alley. But for the past couple of days I have been wearing them both. How?
Well, I have been applying the creamy lip liner all over my lips and then using the lighter lipstick in the centre, to give the illusion of a fuller lip. Since the lipstick has a matt finish I used a touch of clear lip-gloss on top to create an even fuller-lip effect. Now, I know orange lips was a thing of the summer…but who says you can´t bring it in to fall also? Experiment, when it comes to makeup you are the one who makes the rules!

The lipstick is in the shade MAT CORAIL and you can get it by clicking HERE and the lip liner is in the shade 101 and you can get it by clicking HERE.
You can also follow Parisax Cosmetics HERE.


  • Lepa objava 😀 škoda samo, da nisi poslikala ustnic. Me res zanima kako izpade 🙂

  • Hejla..ja, imam trenutno razpokane ustnice pa zato nism 😀 Pride pa res lepo! Ker verjemi, da sama nisem za te oranžne, marelične itd. odtenke ampak ta mi je res všeč 🙂

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