So today I´m gonna talk to you about something I have incorporated in my skincare for the last week or two (maybe even 3, depends on when I will be posting this :D). At first I have to say I was very skeptic about one of the products sine, as you know I have an oily skin type. I have tried out Oriflame´s Swedish spa line. If you want to know more, keep on scrollin´ ! 🙂

So first thing´s first, you know I have to talk about the packaging. Can we just take a moment to look at the gorgeous colors? I love the packaging of these two products since it looks chic while still playful because of the colors. I think this would look great on anyone´s bathroom cupboard. Now if we talk about the scent..I have to admit I was overwhelmed at the first sniff. I found the scent of the peeling too much. But I have to say; once I used it under the shower the scent was just right…As for the oil..My boyfriend described the scent as: coca-cola. (Seriously, I was using this oil on our holiday and he just screamed that whatever I am using smells like coke. Now, I don´t mind that at all!) I fell in love with the scent and I have to say I am almost half way done with the oil..and I have it for a little more than a week! Now I think that says a lot! I never fully use a product up..and with this one, I just might this I´ll have to repurchase! I know you are all waiting for me to start hating on the pilling…but for once, I think I have to say something good about something other than my Soraya face pilling. I actually loved the pilling since the ˝grains˝  were really small and I think it really took off all of my dry skin. On some spots I even think it was a bit to harsh..or maybe that was just because I used it BEFORE shaving my skin (legs, that is). I have found that I could go a few days more in between my shaves since the pilling really took of the top of my (dead, dry) skin and thus I could get a more closer shave. But I don´t think I would recommend this product to anyone who has an even more sensitive skin than me (or maybe just don´t use it as I do) since it does kind of leave an unpleasant feeling until you put on your oil/lotion. However, I find this to be the best body pilling I have ever used. (Seriously, those Muller ones may smell nice, but they really don´t do much to your skin.) I find it to be just right for my skin and I have noticed I don´t actually get the unpleasant feeling anymore. Over all I think these are two great products and I would recommend them to most of you (as I said..I don´t know how all you sensitive skin ladies would react to the pilling) and I think I will be repurchasing them myself (And you know that´s a big thing for a blogger who likes to try out new things all the time!). I was especially impressed with the oil that was great on my hair, body AND FACE! I did an half an hour face massage a couple of days ago and fell asleep with it and I woke up with the softest and clearest skin EVER! I will be giving a face massage using this oil to my dry-skin boyfriend in a couple of days – let me know, if you would want to know how the oil reacts on dry skin. I have a feeling his skin will finally stop ˝cracking˝ (If you are eating, I truly am sorry for the colorful picture I have created :D.)

You can get the pilling HERE and the multi purpose oil HERE.
I hope you liked this post and please, tell me, if you have ever tried these two products and what do you think about them?