• October 6, 2014

Fall Favorites

So today I´m gonna talk about some of my fall favorites. I love reading/watching about everyone´s fall favorites and all though I talk about my favorites quite a lot there are a couple I have never mentioned. Some of them are quite new, while some have been with me for a while. If you want to know more, keep scrollin´! 🙂


Whenever fall comes around I tend to go for warmer, stronger perfumes..and this time I splurged a little and made a little trip to the L´occitane store. I tried million different scents and by the time I picked ˝THE ONE˝ I did not even smell half of them (And yes, I know you should smell only 3 different scents and no more..but, hey…is there anyone out there who actually listens to that rule?) and I picked out the one that had the strongest smell without making me smell like a grandma. (No offense! My grandma always smelled very nice..but somehow I don´t wanna smell like that at my 20s.) The perfume I choose for this season is my L´occitane Magnolia & Mure one. It is quite strong and I have to admit I have been wearing it only on special occasions during the day – otherwise it is reserved for night time! 🙂 Now, the other item, which I adore for the fall time is definitely my Lily Lolo Mineral blush in the shade SUNSET. It is perfect to warm up your complexion, while looking great next to a dark, plumy lipstick. In my opinion, the color was MADE to pare with darker lipsticks, since those can was you out a bit and this blush truly gives that extra color to your face.
I talked about one of the lipstick a while back in one of my blogs and you can even see how it suits brunettes (I loved that combo!).  It is in the shade 119 and it is PERFECT for fall!
Since I raved about the foundation in a separate post I won´t talk about it that much here. What I will say, that velvet/satin finish foundation and fall just go together. We all know that summer is perfect with a dewy finish, but when fall and winter comes around, bring out your mattes and velvet’s!
Now, if you want to know more about the foundation, you can read all about it in one of my previous posts.
Now, I have been dying to tell you about my new favorite, but since I got so excited when I got it I unfortunately threw out the packaging AND the receipt. (Well, to be honest, I used the coupon that I got on the receipt and the cashier in Muller threw it away.) What I can tell you is that the color of the YSL lipstick I got is in the number 17 and it is the PERFECT red for all year ´round. I have been dying to buy this color for ages, but somehow just couldn´t justify the purchase since red lipstick is my favorite and I have about a million shades at home. Well, the lipstick I choose is one of those really opec, glossy colors with a bit of SPF and some really nourishing ingredients. It truly is my favorite makeup item EVER! If you have never swatched it, I suggest you do so the next time you get the chance! 🙂
P.S. I can´t imagine fall without red lips! 🙂


Now, can you tell I love red lips in the fall? What I love even more is a bit of bronzer to prolong that bronze – goddess look you got this summer :).
I find the best one for the job to be the Collistar 01 Miele bronzer which is so easy to take with you where ever you go (Where as my Isa Dora one is so huge, it doesn´t even fit in my makeup bag!) and is thus easy to apply on the go. I wrote a bit more about it in one of my previous blog posts in Slovene.
For the giant pen stick I always go back to my MaXfactor Passionate Red one. It is the perfect fall red that really makes your lips look fuller while being so easy to apply due to the pen for. You can tell I have used quite a bit of it already.
And for the last fall favorite – my Collistar lipstick in the shade 29. It is the perfect transitional color – from winter-spring, to summer-fall.


  • Tole rdečilo zgleda res super, imam puder od Lily Lolo, blusha pa še nobenega nisem poskusila njihovega…tudi šminka mi je zelo všeč, sem pa preveč sramežljiva, da bi jo nosila, vsaj čez dan in na faksu, mogoče za kakšno priložnost, je pa čudovita res!

  • Katera šminka pa? Hehe ja, rdečilo je res SUPER in ZELO pigmentirano 🙂

  • YSL odtenek 17 – se slinim nad njo že kar nekaj časa, ampak je na "To buy" listi še nekaj stvari pred njo, tako da bo še kar dolgo čakala 🙂 Si pa super Couleur odtenek zbrala, čisto jesenski <3

  • Hehe ja, tudi js sm se nekej časa, zdej pa sm v zelo kratkem času poleg te še eno YSL kupila in sem zares zaljubljena..v obe! In to govori oseba, ki do letos ni prenesla šmink, konstantnega nanašanja in nasploh občutka na ustnicah!
    Hehe ja, meni je POPOLN za jesen 🙂

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