After many requests, I have finally created an article, reviewing the Lush Blousey Shampoo I bought a while back. I have posted about it on my Instagram and many of you wanted to know more.
So, here it is, my Lush Blousey Shampoo review.

Before using Blousey I have used Rehab for about 5 months and was very pleased with it, but somehow I felt it left my hair striped down and not that moisturized. After talking to the kindest saleswoman I have ever met we choose Blousey to be perfect for what I was looking for. It is made for very brittle hair which was through a lot (and, you all know I was a platinum blond with Keratin extensions not that long ago). It is made out of natural ingredients and it is not supposed to be too harsh (and by that I mean; it does not leather up). Now, if you have ever smelled any of Lush products you know their smells can be quite overwhelming. Well, the first time I took a sniff at this one I felt just that…and I have to say, I was quite scared. But please, if you ever thought about buying this shampoo, don´t let the over powering smell discourage you! I just washed my hair and you can´t believe how beautiful it smells. I have NEVER EVER had a shampoo that left my hair smell the way this one does! And yes, we all know about TIGI products being oh so pretty and oh so sweet but…do you actually know what that stuff is made out of? I have done all things imaginable to my hair and even I am to scared to put that stuff on my hair. Now, as you can tell I am quite picky when it comes to hair products, but this one left me speechless! I was surprised with how good my hair smelled after using it and I was even more surprised with the texture it left me with since my hair felt so thick and strong! And that was after the first usage! The texture of this product is what you would expect from your conditioner. It is sooo soft and you almost don´t feel it on your hair. I always had to shampoo my hair twice with EVERY shampoo..well, until now! My hair feels clean (but not striped down, like it did with Rehab) after the first wash and I think that if your hair is in any better state than mine (and hasn´t gone through everything mine has) you don´t even need a conditioner after this product! Well, I used just a little bit since my hair is quite dry and I haven´t done an olive oil mask in a loooong time, so my hair is quite dry. The next time I use my olive oil and wash my hair after I will let you know if I needed any conditioner (but I have a feeling I won´t). Now, I know you are all waiting for me to say to who I recommend this product and I have to say I would suggest this product to pretty much anyone. And yes, I do understand it is a bit on the pricey side, but I had my small Rehab bottle (no, I did not buy the biggest size) for 5 months and it was about 2 times (or even more) smaller than this one! + I shampooed my hair twice with that shampoo, whereas here, you only need to do it once. So, with that in your mind I think you will definitely get your money´s worth! Besides, aren´t healthy hair and natural ingredients worth it?
Have you ever tried this shampoo or any other Lush shampoo? What do you think? Let me know how it worked out for, and if you haven´t, at least go to your local Lush and ask for a tester! Trust me, you´ll be buying it the next day ;).