• October 14, 2014

VICHY Press Conference

So, some of you may know I have been invited to the Vichy Press Conference where they launched a new Liftactiv Supreme cream. Now, I know you may think I´m a bit young to attend this kind of events but learning about skin is one of my biggest passions and it made me SO happy to get the invite..and now, I want to share what I learned with you (and tell you a bit about my experience).

When we got to the event we were greeted by the beautiful and kind employees of Vichy and soon enough the conference had started and we got to hear something new.
(If you don´t really want to read about the product, but I do recommend you do so, skip this part.)
Since I do notice my skin getting quite dry in the evening and my fine lines (and yes, I do have those…that´s what being young and stupid when it comes to taking off your makeup does!) around my eyes are a bit more noticeable it was very refreshing for me to hear, that it is not just me, but skin acutally ages through out the day! They have tested this theory on over 1800 women and have found that all of them have noticed that their skin looks best in the morning and worst by the end of the day. That is why Vichy created a product that is meant to treat your skin and nourish it during the day and make a visable difference from the moment when you put it on and through the entire day. Day have added two ˝day proof˝ ingredients ADENOSINE and CAFFEINE that create a visible difference and activate through out the whole day.
Now, don´t think that you will be paying all that money just for the short term effect. Vichy claims that due to the Rhamnose (5%) and Neohesperidine (2%) that had been added to the formula, you will be able to see some long term results, too.
And for all my sensitive skin ladies..don´t worry this product is paraben free, hypoallergenic and tested on sensitive skin (while under supervision of a dermatologist). The product is

non-comedogenic, with calming and reconstituting thermal water Vichy.
Since I don´t wanna talk about something on my blog, if I have not tested it first (since you all know my skin is as sensitive as it gets) I did so and I have to say, my skin felt as soft as a baby´s…
Now, what really caught my attention was the words; women who tested this product claimed they did not have to correct their makeup as much throughout  the day!!! You know I´m a makeup junkie so those words were golden to me! 
After the dermatologist and the Vichy representative finished with their presentations I got the chance to chat a bit with the lovely Ajda (I am sure you know about her by now, since I did mention her on my blog before). It was so fun meeting her in real life, and yes…she is even prettier in person! We talked about skin issues as well as some blog-related topics and I have to say she is the nicest blogger I have ever had the chance to meet…if you aren´t subscribed to her already I think you really should to that…just click HEREI got the chance to meet quite a lot of extremely nice people and I can´t wait for the chance to see them again. Now, I do have to say I always considered Vichy to be a good brand (my mom uses their products for as long as I can remember), but I was always a LRP kind of girl…now, I do think I might take a closer look into what VICHY has to offer, since the last couple of products I tried out really impressed me. I hope this article was helpful in any way and I do hope, I did not sound to enthusiastic (Trust me, I was so happy to be invited!). I wanted to share this experience with all of you since I feel like you guys are my friends and trust me…I told ALL about the event to my friends already.. Now, I have quite a lot new articles coming your way in the next couple of weeks so be sure to subscribe to my Facebook page so you don´t miss any of my new posts!


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