• October 17, 2014

Pink Delicacy

After years of looking for the one..I think I just might have found it! A perfect scent, that is! I am one of those very picky people when it comes to perfumes and that is why I just HAD to share ˝THE ONE˝ with you.

If you are anything like me you LOVE sweet scents and get the chills when you see nice packaging. I don´t know why, but if something looks good (if nicely presented) there is a 60% higher chance I will like it! But what got me to try out this scent was the description..it said it was made by a confectioner! My eyes almost watered when I read that since I was hoping to smell something sooo sweet! Once I got the package I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the bottle is and I was even more surprised by the scent. If you know me, you know I am not that great when it comes to describing scents, but I´ll try to do my best. I found the scent to be sweet, but not to sweet where I would smell like I feel into a candy factory. I asked my mom to sniff it (She is the pickiest person I know and NOTHING comes even close to her Dior Hypnotic Poison..EVER!) and even SHE LIKED IT! She actually said it is the best perfume I ever got! I mean that was enough for me! I knew that EVERYONE will like it, if my mom likes it! I have to say tho, the perfume is not really long lasting and you do have to reapply it throughout the day. I don´t find that too disturbing since I usually just carry it with me (it is small enough to fit in almost all of my bags).. + I actually kind of like that fact since I usually use my L´occitane perfume in the evening and I like the fact that I can apply it over this one and NO ONE will notice! I have to say, this is the first perfume that impressed me as much since the Escada Mai Tai limited edition (Seriously, why don´t they bring that perfume back!?! Everyone and their dog loved it!!!) and Rihanna Reb´l felur..So, if you liked any of those scents I can almost guarantee you will LOVE this one!

You can get the fregrance HERE.
Give it a try and let me know what you think! And if you have already tried it..what do you think?


  • ojla. obožujem sladke vonje, npr midnight fantasy, hypnotic poison. Je ta podoben?

  • Ojla 🙂
    Ne bi rekla, da je podoben, saj (vem samo za hypnotic poison) so tisti nekoliko bolj ˝globokega,večernega˝ vonja, medtem ko je ta bolj svež in se čuti tudi minimalno neko cvetlico, kar pa menim, da se v preostalih ne. Sicer pa je, kot sem zapisala, vonj bil všeč tudi mami, ki pa že kakšnih 7-8 let uporablja zgolj in samo hypnotic poison.
    Mislim, pa da je ta tak vonj da bi zares večini bil všeč ker je sadn ampak mislim, da ni preveč vsiljiv..je za probat 🙂

  • Prekrasna steklenička <3 Bi ga mela že samo zato, ampak mi že po opisu vonja zveni super 🙂

  • Jaa, se strinjam! Ko sem videla stekleničko v živo me je res prepričala 🙂 Mi je super, ko podjetje v vizualni del izdelka vloži nekaj več časa 🙂
    Vonj pa je tak, da je do sedaj vsem, ki sem ga pokazala bil všeč 🙂

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