• October 22, 2014

Street chic

Hello my beautiful fashionista!

We had quite a beautiful, sunny weekend, haven´t we? Well, whenever we get such beautiful weather my first thought is color! I love a bit a color in the fall/winter to spice things up and to stand out from the crowd.

This fall it is all about pastels. I have talked about this a couple of posts before, but I have to say I was so thrilled when I found that out I immediately went out on a hunt for the perfect baby pink coat..Now, don´t get me wrong..all though I would love to have light purple or pink hair I am still not ready to go full on pastel. I like to pair a couple of pastel pieces with classic, neutral colours such as black, white and beige (some may call that a pastel, I call it a classic). Since I wanted to give all attention to the beautiful coat I pair it with classical piece´s, such as a little black dress and Peep toe platform shoes. I also wanted to give this look a modern vibe and that is why I opt for a beautiful little black dress with some mesh cut out´s and chose heels that went great with that. A classical, black purse was a must. I have seen this style quite a lot recently since it was first introduced by Louis Vuitton. I added my BlingBling glasses to protect my eyes and to add some style. I got the headband in a local H&M store and I think it truly pulls the look together, while still gives it that vintage vibe. I love the pattern on it (since you know, I am ALL about florals) and I think the colours truly complement the coat. I really loved this look and I think the coat truly adds that Audrey Hepburn-ish classic style to ANY outfit. For this outfit post I choose to wear minimal makeup with a touch of my Isa Dora bronzer in the shade 87 Golden Tan, a couple coats of mascara paired with my I am in love eye shadow pallet and Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster, since I wanted the coat to do all the talking.

That will be all for now, I hope you are having an awesome day and I hope you liked this post. All the information on where you can get the items will be listed below. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in comments bar. I will be posting more pictures on my Instagram page, so you should follow me, if you want to see more.




  • Luškana, predvsem tale pol – turbanček v laseh mi je všeč 🙂

  • Hejla 🙂
    Hvala! Ja, sem vedela, da je tvoj stil pa da ti bo všeč 🙂 😀 Ga pa dobiš v H&M 🙂

  • Zelo lepa, ful ti paše ta look 🙂 ta outfit mi je eden izmed tvojih najboljših 🙂

  • Wau! 🙂
    Tale trak barvno super paše na ostale kose. 🙂
    Pa petke so mi nore! <3 Lepo poudarijo tvojo že tako krasno postavo.

  • Ooo hvala :*

  • Joj, hvala, hvala hvala 🙂 :*

  • Očitno so tele stopnice magnet roza barve. Jaz sem tule poslikala roza oblekco ti pa jaknico 😉

  • Hehe a res?! Sploh nisem videla objavice 🙂
    Pošlješ link, da pogledam? 🙂
    Hehe, ja če je tako mrtvo ozadje, da pridejo barve tako lepo do izraza 🙂

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