• October 28, 2014

Cherry in the air

So, you probably noticed my autumn has been about two things and two things only when it comes to beauty…perfume & lipstick.

Now, if you know anything about me, you would know that is not a usual thing for me since I always thought perfume is the stupidest thing you could spend your money on, since you are actually paying for scented water (Yea, those were my young years of using body sprays! :D) and I never wore lipstick! Seriously, never! The only thing close to a lipstick I wore was a chap stick.

Now, this month I have been obsessing over scents and I discovered so many good ones and I think I have stepped out of my ˝sweet scent˝ zone…with that said, I am going to talk about another sweet one today.
The scent I have been wearing for the last few weeks was a refreshing change from my usual ones. Don´t get me wrong, it is still a sweet one, but I do think you can smell the sour part of cherries (a bit like the sour smell you can smell in the apples in DKNY Be Delicious). I found it really refreshing since it was a lot fresher smelling than my Pink Delicacy and a lot softer and more youthful than my L´occitan which I would say is more of a grown up scent. I loved wearing this scent in the morning since it really woke me up and I always got compliments. I think this perfume (as almost all Escada perfumes) wears longer than my Pink Delicacy & L´occitan of which I have spoken previously. I found it perfect for my long days in class since I did not have to reapply it as much throughout the day.Now, for the first time trying this perfume (and the site I got it off) I choose a 30ml one and I have to say it is the cutest little thing I have ever seen! And it is much more comfortable to carry around than my Pink Delicacy one I have been carrying around for the last couple of weeks. I have to say I was really impressed with the site since they were really nice and I got the package quite fast. I first noticed the site when I was browsing for ideas for my boyfriend´s birthday present. I was really impressed with the site since it had the perfect packages to give away as gifts and I already know what I will be giving to my girl friends for their birthdays! You can find some really affordable items as well as some luxury ones (But I do think you get more than what you pay for since you can get cute packages with lotions and shower gels for the same price that you would get just the perfume in a local beauty store.)
I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a sweet scent, but doesn´t want one that will be over powering and will cause headaches. And yes, this scent was mom approved – but it is almost always like that when I show her an Escada scent, since there was not one that she disliked (She was the one who bought me my first one…a 100ml of the perfect limited edition of Taj Sunset – btw why don´t they bring that scent back? It was soooo good!). I don´t really recommend this scent to someone who is only a flower scent kind of person or an oriental kind of person. If you are anything in between or a sweet scent kind of person, you will love it! I do recommend the site since you can find quite affordable perfumes and I think it is perfect if you are looking for a present for a loved one! 🙂

You can get the perfume HERE.
You can check up the site HERE


  • Morem: http://www.tvojedarilo.com/escada-taj-sunset-30ml.html
    Očitno imajo kar nekaj teh starih LE. In ja Escada ima najbolj njam parfumčke! Pa res dolgo dišijo!

  • Ja, sem videla, da imajo Taj sunset, ampak sem ˝posumila˝, da ga ni več na zalogi, ker kar nekaj izdelkov nimajo na zalogi in glede na to, da je bil tisti dan vn 2011…
    Ja, če ta ima res tisto ˝kiselkastost˝ (še besede si zmišljujem :D) kot DKNY Be Delicious..smo na faksu nekej govorili, pa mi sošolka ni verjela, ko sem ji rekla da je sour-smeeling..dokler ji nism pokazala! 😀

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