• November 4, 2014

Skull Style

This weekend was Halloween and as I said, I do not really support Halloween since this is not a holiday we, people from Slovenia ever celebrated since we have another holiday for dressing up and it is called Pust. However, I do understand life moves on so I have decided to get in to the Halloween spirit this year. All though I have to say I did think about dressing up and putting on a scary, zombie makeup, I just couldn´t get out of my skin. I am not a Halloween kind of girl and this post is dedicated to all you girls who feel the same as I do. I will give you an idea, how you can incorporate Halloween into your look, without going against yourself.
As I have stated before, I have been loving faux leather this season and I think that is the perfect trend to be rockin´ on Halloween. It is harsh and sexy at the same time and with the right accessories, it can be the perfect base to build on.
Now, there has been one trend for the last couple of autumns I have been tryin´ to avoid and as you can see..I gave in. I LOVE the look of beanies however, since I have a round face, they don´t really flatter me. The minute I saw this one I had to have it since it is perfect. It is edgy due to the color and at the same time sooo fashionable. It makes a statement at spices up any autumn/winter outfit.
I love this black-faux leather, white and red combination and I think it is perfect for everyday while incorporating some Halloween spirit. I love the length of the shirt since it is perfect to wear over leggings. The shirt feels so soft and luxurious and the print is perfect for an edgy look as well as for Halloween.
I like how the red purse paired with leather and white since it adds a pop of color while keeps the look classy and does not take away from the skull print on the shirt. I love pairing it with my favorite YSL red lipstick…I think it is a match made in heaven. I think this look is perfect for the days you want to look put together and edgy while being comfortable. The pieces are sooo comfortable and I think they give a gorgeous edgy look and can be incorporated into your Halloween look without going all out.
So, as you can probably tell I loved wearing this outfit and I can´t wait for the warmer days, so I can start wearing it again! And yes, you probably noticed my extensions..this time, they are just clip-ons, but I love them nevertheless. What do you think? Do long, dark hair suit me?

P.S. I will be posting more pictures on my Instagram and don´t forget to enter my beauty giveaway!


  • Jaz tudi nisem preveč za vso to maskiranje za noč čarovnic. 😀
    Ponavadi smo samo doma buče izrezali, pa je to blo to. 😛 Pred kakšnim letom pa še me je to čisto minilo in tak preživim čist običajen dan. 😀

    Mi je pa izjemno všeč tale outfit! 🙂
    Res ti paše tak stil in se mi zdi fajn, da niso samo petke in krilo/obleka. :))

  • Hehe ja, pri nas je bilo tudi ko sem bila mlajša tako, ČE je bilo sploh kaj. 🙂

    Hehe hvala! Ja, tudi jaz se super počutim v tem! 🙂

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