• November 7, 2014

Fall Finds

Today I want to talk to you about some product I found this season and some of them have even become my favorites. I have stated before that I have been obsessing over lipsticks and perfumes this season and there is one more thing I have been loving – foundation. I have been searching for the one for the whole month since my skin got quite dry this autumn and since I never had dry skin I did not really know how to treat it. Now, I will share with you what I got and a quick review (as quick as a chatty person like me can do :D). If you want to know what I think of the product, keep scrollin´! 🙂
So, as I have said I have been loving trying out new foundations this season and I have found some I did like and some I did not like as much. The one I have been obsessing over was the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage (I wanted to wear it for photo shoots, not as an everyday foundation), but wherever I went, they did not have the lightest color, which I needed (Trust me, I tried everything from Maribor, Ljubljana & Nova Gorica)…so, I did some research and found a dupe for it! It was Revlon´s Color Stay and for once I was happy there was the lightest shade…unfortunately for the first time, the lightest shade was too light for me and the second one was too dark..So I decided to go for the lightest and darken it up with some bronzer. My opinion in a couple of words: great coverage, feels light, does ˝crack˝ if you do not use enough moisturizer, terrible over Max Factor primer, awesome for photos, a bit noticeable for an everyday usage. It stays on the skin throughout the day and does not need that much (if any) touching up. Would recommend to anyone who has a lot of imperfection and wants to cover them up (It will not cover up EVERYTHING, but will do for most of the imperfections.).
For my under-eyes (which are, thanks to my dad, dark as the night) I have been loving the Couleur Caramel Dark Circle Corrector which I was recommended to by the nice Maja that works in the local Muller. I have to say I am sooo thankful to her since this is the ONLY product I have EVER tried that actually covers upmy dark under-eyes. It is perfect for an everyday wear and I do think it is well worth the price. Please, do yourself a favor and check it out the next time you are in your local drugstore! 🙂
For setting everything, as well as wearing it on its own (on top of the Max Factor primer) I have been loving this Healthy Balance powder. All though I am a bit annoyed with the fact that the lightest color is in the number 52 and I am usually a 51 with Healthy mix foundations I have to say this powder is perfect for adding a bit of coverage and even wearing it on its own. It keeps the face matt through almost the whole day, while gives a natural finish. I have still been using my Essence Translucent powder for setting my Couleur Caramel Dark Circle Corrector, but it was Healthy Balance everywhere else. It is worth checking out, but I do think you could find a cheaper alternative in the Catrice aisle.
While we are still on the topic of foundations, I have to mention the Lush foundation to which I will dedicate a whole post in the future. However..If I were to give a quick description: light to full coverage, best applied with a foundation brush, a bit too dark, 100% natural.
For covering up my imperfections over the Lush foundation (when I wanted to treat my skin to some natural products) I have been using my Terra Nutri Concealer I bought a while ago and forgot about after buying my Revlon foundation. It gives great coverage, comes in many shades, does smell a bit unpleasant but it is natural.
Now, for the Max Factor primer…I have to say I have been loving it under my Healthy Mix foundation, but not so much under any of the pre-mentioned foundations. It keep the face matt throughout the day without touch ups, but can expose some dry spots you may have on your skin. Make sure to use A LOT of moisturizer before applying it!
I have been talking quite a lot about moisturizing and I think I have found the perfect product for the job! It is Soraya So pretty cream for dry skin. It was my first time experiencing dry skinthis autumn and I have to say this product helped me SO much. I have been applying it almost every day AND night, whenever my skin felt a bit tight. It moisturized my skin and at the same time prepared it for the makeup I was about to apply.
Soraya has been quite a favorite brand for me this autumn. I think it has the best products for dry skin and the Care & Control Tonic is the best for proving that. It calms down the skin the second you apply it, it has a great smell AND it leaves the skin as soft as a baby´s…
For my hair I have tried out this mini Moroccan oil. I got this little tester after me and my boyfriend accidently walked in to a local beauty store, while they were having their promotion and I got a free consultation about what to do with my hair and I got to learn the condition it is in. After leaving they have given me this little guy and I have to say I was not thrilled to try it out again. I have tried out this oil a couple of years ago and I HATED it! After I stopped using it my hair was drier than before I started and I always had greasy hair the second day after washing it (and I did NOT put it on my roots)! Now, however I decided I should give it another try…and I have to say..I was impressed! It was so much better than the first time I tried it out, however I still do not think it is better than Paul Mitchell Awapuhi oil!
There is one more skin-care item I can´t imagine my life without anymore. It is Lush´s Bubblegum lip peeling. This product is the best smelling product I have even tried! It is a lip peeling that is 100% natural and thus it is O.K. to lick it off after using it.
Trust me, the first time I tried it out I was disgusted by the fact that I am supposed to lick of my dead skin cells. Now, I tried it out and…I don´t care about the dead skin cells after tasting this product! If you haven´t already, please give this product a sniff, the next time you are in Lush. You will thank me later.
Since we are talking about smells I think I should move on to products that impressed me because of the way they smell.
I will start with the Lush Vanillary product first. It was my first time trying out a cream perfume and I have to say, the moment I smelt it out of the pan I hated it! It disappointed me since it reminded me of a public restroom scent..now, please don´t be like me and give this product a chance after the first sniff.
My boyfriend convinced me to give the product another chance and I have to say I fell in love! And if you like vanilla, you will too! The product loses its strong smell after you apply it and you can only smell the sweet vanilla. (I guess it had such a strong scent at first since it was all compressed in to that little container.) I loved it for having it in my bag since it is perfect to apply while you are in school since nobody can hear or smell the fact that you are applying it and it is the perfect size to fit in to any purse! Unfortunately, my mom stole this perfume from me since she loved it soooo much (That tells you a lot since as I have stated before, she has been wearing her Dior Hypnotic Poison for more than 6 years straight.).
Now the next 3 scents that impressed me were testers (I love trying perfume by using testers since you can really try the perfume and see how it reacts on your skin without having to buy the whole product.) of some quite luxurious brands.
As I have stated in my previous articles this autumn has been all about lipsticks, foundation and perfume for me.
The one that impressed me the most has been Calvin Klein´s Euphoria. It sparked my interest from the moment I read the description; Exotic Fruits, Rich Black Orchid, sensual woods, and I think the description is perfect. Even for someone like me, who is not an expert in scents I can say I smelt every single one of these things and I loved the combination. It is perfect for autumn and spring although I do not think this is a summer scent.
Now, the second smell that impressed me was quite different for me. It smells fresh and floraly and as you know, I am really a sweet scent kind of girl so this scent truly is something special since I love it! I think this is a kind of scent you could wear all year around and I love it for the days when I do not fell all that pretty since it truly is a clean and elegant scent. The description of the Lanvin perfume goes something like this; A sensual floral chypre. Me L´Absolu is a new intense and mysterious signature and I truly do think this is a signature fragrance that makes you feel (and smell) mysterious.
And the last fragrance I have been lovin´ is the beauty in the photo. It is Cartier´s Lapanthere perfume. It is quite floral and really different from anything I would ever like and that is why I think I liked it even more. It is so different from anything I ever liked that is actually something I like! I would not recommend this perfume to someone who is only a sweet scent person but I do think anyone who loves floral scents would love this product! I think this is a very mature scent and I wore it when I wanted to be taken more serious and when I wanted to make a change from my sweet scent obsession.
Now, for the last few items I have been loving I know, not everybody can afford..However, I do think these items are worth the money! I had this KIKOset once before, but did not really care about the effects I just liked the mascara for the fact that it was a great mascara. The night time treatment got dry before I got the chance to use it all out since, as I said, I did not buy the set for the treatment part, but more for the mascara itself.
Now, for the second time I wanted to observe the results and I have to say, I LOVE IT! The mascara itself is awesome and I think it is the best one I have ever tried! The night treatment keeps my lashes from braking and I think it ˝feeds˝ them from the outside in :). I truly do recommend this duo to EVERYONE who wants long, full, healthy lashes.
Now the second duo is my Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks I have been obsessed with for the last couple of years and I finally bought them and I could not be happier about that! They are everything I ever wanted in a lipstick and I think they are 100% worth the price. I have read about every luxurious lipstick out there, but everything just kept bringing me back to these two. The packaging is beautiful and the lipsticks are the most pigmentated lipsticks I have even seen! They have a lot of skin benefits and they feel great on the lips! Would recommend!
I hope you liked this article and I have been trying a lot of new products lately and I feel another article like this in the future.
Leave a comment if you have ever tried any of these products and your opinion. I would love to read all about your opinion/experience!
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