• November 11, 2014

Nail swag

So, as you know, I have finally let my natural nails grow (however, I did visit Sara last week)..and with that, comes buying a ton lot of nail polish! 😀  Today I wanted to share with you some of current nail polish favorites and my new gel nails that I got last week and have been loving ever since!

(P.S. I apologize in advance if some of the colors are not available anymore..)

I never liked any wild, multi colored nail polish..until I bought these beautiful babies in the photo above.
The Essence ones are from their Aquatix collection and unfortunately I think they are not available anymore. I bought almost the entire collection but these two are, in my opinion, the best ones for transitioning from summer to fall.

I have found the L´oreal one in my collection and, to be honest, I don´t even remember how it got there! I love the color and I am pretty sure that will be the color of nails, the next time I paint them! The color number is 608.
wiSo, these are my ˝wild card˝ ones. I love red nails all year ´round, but I think the KIKO colour 240 is my favorite since this is my second one. I think red nails are just perfect for the season and with a red lip really make an impression. The blue color is one of my all time favorite – Essie in Aruba Blue. I love KIKO and ESSIE since you only need two coats for a really opec look. The greyish green 348 color really makes you feel like it`s fall and it looks great with ANY outfit! 🙂 Now, I am not that into black nail polish, but what I found beautiful about this one and the reason why I bought it is that it has a beautiful purple undertone which you can notice in direct sunlight. With a little purple glitter on an accent nail I think the undertone would really pop. The number of the polish is 264.
oneFor my accent nail (which is usually my ring finger) I have been loving these two polishes. The one on the right is the perfect glittery nail-polish to go with ANY nail color you are wearing. I even wore it on its own and I have to say I loved how shiny and sparkly it made my nails look. The number of this nail polish by Collistar is 640 Nero Strass. Now the ONE on the left is by Oriflame and it is in the shade Amethyst Rock. I think this color looks great over any gemstone color, from purple to brown and I think it adds the perfect touch to any polish. The nail polish claims to be long wearing and I have to say I do agree with that.


And here are my neutrals! I love these shades and I definitely am a neutral kind of girl! I think they are all so special while still being work/school appropriate. I love the 329 grey color for (as I have stated many times so far) transitioning from summer to fall. I loved the Essence one from the day I first put it on my nails and my love never stopped..I think this nail polish will look awesome in the winter time as a cool toned blue. Now the last two shades (glittery number 04 Lost´N Roses and 54 My APPricot nude) I like to combine. I love putting 04 over the nude nail polish – weather it is just on one – accent nail, or on all of my nails.

Right before I visited Sara this is how my nails looked (they got really brittle, weak and chipped really fast):



This time I choose matt black nails with some high shine patterns. I love these nails for fall and I think the shape goes just perfectly with the color. I truly do recommend Sara since I do believe she is a miracle worker.


Now this will be all for my current nail polish favorites. I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know, if there are any nail polishes I should know about!


  • Woww, čudoviti mat nohti. Taki arrr (sexy) mi delujejo (:

  • Ja, res so prelepi, sem tudi sama navdušena 🙂
    Sara me res vedno znova navduši! 🙂

  • Uau, črni so res hudi 😀

  • Hehe se strinjam 🙂
    Zahvale pa gredo h Sari 🙂

  • o nekaj lakov je res čudovitih, no ja skoraj vsi. Še sploh tale Aquatix linija <3

  • Hehe hvala! Jaaa, meni je ta Aquatix linija res ena najboljših od essence! 🙂

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