• November 18, 2014

Lush; Roots

You probably know by now I am a huge LUSH junkie and I can´t get enough of their products. Well, since (as you can probably notice) I wear my hair up most days I did start to get a tiny bald spot where I tie my hair and since I wanted to stop that the second I noticed it I paid a little visit to Lush…

I wanted this ROOTS hair mask for quite some time since I heard good things about it, but I never really believed in these kinds of masks so I always stayed away. I finally got it and I have to say…I am impressed! It takes a lot for a hair product to impress me, but I do think ROOTS does everything I want and more!

The mask has a beautiful scent and I have to say you only need a tiny bit for you entire scalp. The mask gives a tingly feeling for the first 10-15min (much like the tingly feeling you get from voluminous lip glosses) and it then hardens and is left hard for as long as you leave it on your scalp. You are supposed to use the mask for at least 20min, but the more the better! 🙂

Now, I know you all want me to tell you about the results already and I have to repeat myself again…I´m impressed! I did notice my baby hairs getting longer and fuller and my tiny bold spot did disapear. My hair is getting fuller (all though, as you probably know, I did a LOT to my hair in the past year or so), but I do think that is the more due to the combination of my Blousey shampoo, Roots Hair mask, working out, drinking lots of water and eating healthier. The mask does not give me scalp or forehead acne and that is a big thing to say since I have a really sensitive skin.

I recommend this hair mask to anyone who wants to treat herself/himself since you can only do good to your hair by using it. I do think I am not the only one with this opinion since I have read many reviews online already and many youtubers rave about this product, too.

You can find the hair mask HERE.


  • Super objava ! Po čem pa diši tale maska ?:)

  • Hejla 🙂
    Joj, ti ne bi znala podati točnega opisa, ker je zares mix vonjav..priporočam,
    da greš do bližnjega Lush-a preizkusit sama, da ne bom sedaj dolgovezila,
    pa nič povedala 😀 🙂 Je pa definitivno v stilu Lush vonjev.

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