So most of you probably know by now I am IN LOVE with shopping online and since it has been quite cold lately I spent most of my nights at home, browsing…well, you know how that goes..

Since I know all my beautiful fashionistas want to know about all the new fashion trends and at the same time save some money, I have decided to share with you another Sheinside Wish in which I tell you a little bit about how I would style some items and maybe give you some ideas on how to stay stylish this fall/winter. ENJOY! 🙂


Over-sized sweater/cardigans etc. have been my best friends for the last couple of months since I love being comfy and looking cute at the same time and I think over-sized cardigan is just perfect to add to any outfit and it spices it up instantly.

I would pair this items with some dark blue skinny jeans or black pants, a basic colour like black or white T-shirt and a dainty gold necklace and maybe a couple of gold rings and I think this would be the perfect outfit to go to class. Since this cardigan is a bit longer I think it would be perfect to wear over faux leather leggings, since it covers your rear end and if you get a bit chilly you could just throw over a faux leather jacket and I think the faux fur would peak out of it beautiful and you would get that sexy-effortless look instantly.

I think this item is even great for a night out when you want to keep your shoulders warm, but don´t want to carry your jacket with you.

(Can you tell I have a million ideas of how I would style this cardigan?)

You can get this piece HERE.
KKFall to me is all about comfort! Since I am going to college I experience being in class from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on a regular basis and trust me when I say this; I do not feel like wearing jeans and blouses when I am in class! However, I do want to show some respect and look like I put some effort in to what I am wearing and that is why I think print leggings are perfect for the job! They are cute, comfy + you can pair them with anything!

I would add a colorful over-sized sweater (red, or yellow maybe) on the days when I want some color and on the days when I would not feel (and look) my best I would choose a black or white top. I would add some cute combat boots and a faux leather jacket and I am out the door! 🙂

You can get these legging super cheap HERE.
I´ve said it twice and I´ll say it again….comfort is my #1 priority when it comes to clothes in the autumn/winter time.

I fell in love with this sweater since it gives that layered vibe while still looking cute. The sweater is perfect for layering and for those days when you don´t really want to bother with clothes, but want to look like you took some time with choosing your outfit (Can you tell, I love items that can do that for you? :D). I would pair this sweater with a leather jacket to create a contrast with the lace and give more of an edgy vibe. I Would also love to pair it with some combat boots and I would add a pop of color with a dark, vampy, burgundy colored scarf.

You can get this sweater HERE.

Now, if there is one thing I love more than over-sized sweaters it´s over-sized sweater with details. I fell in love with the sweater the minute I saw it since the detailed shoulders really add an interesting twist to a basic black knit sweater. I love the way it is styled in this photo since it can be worn as a transitional piece from summer to autumn as well as a great piece for autumn/winter. I would love to do an all-black outfit with this sweater and really focus on the gold details. I think a burgundy scarf would look great with it as well as some combat boots.

The sweater is perfect for those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear (yes, we all have those days) since it is easy to style with any bottoms (I think it would even look great with some sweat pants) and you would still look put-together because of the shoulder details.

You can get this beautiful sweater HERE.
I hope you liked this post and there is so much more I would love to show you (SERIOUSLY! Go and check out the site yourself…you will be impressed!), but I have to stop myself since there is a parcel already coming my way and I am planning on doing an outfit (or two) post really soon (I noticed you like them a lot and I have so much fun making them!) and I don´t want to ruin my outfit by showing it to you..or talking about it :D.

What is your favorite autumn piece? Do you have a Sheinside wishlist? Is there any item you think I would love?
(The holidays are coming and I think that is the perfect excuse to treat yourself ;).)