• November 25, 2014

The Best Face Mask for Fighting Acne…Ever!

So today is finally the day, when I talk about one of my new favorites! I was sent these two products from the company Mojadrogerija to test out and I have to say…after I tried the first one I was really disappointed!!!
Now how come I loved the other one so much? If you want to know what happened, where you can get the mask, how and to who do I recommend it…keep on reading!
So, after I told Anja from Mojadrogerija.si about the problems I have been dealing with after I stopped taking birth control, she sent these two face masks for me to try out and review. At first I was really excited since I was looking forward to looking like Shrek and one of the Avatars, however I have to say, I did not get to experience that..the masks do not look like the ones on the packaging however they both do have a great, fresh scent.

Before applying both masks I applied my Soraya face peeling.
The first one I tried out was the MUD PAC one..or, as I call it, the Avatar mask. After I applied it to the skin I could feel the mask working since it gave ma a cooling sensation where I applied it (just by that I can assume this mask would do awesome things to a puffy face), however I did feel a slight warm, tingly sensation on my dry spots (however it was not that noticeable).
After about 10min I start to feel the mask drying up and thus feeling a bit tighter on the skin. I left the mask on the skin for another 5min and then rinsed it out.
I found the mask to be very gentle when rinsing off  and it left my skin as soft as a baby´s…. I did notice the mask left my dry spots feeling very tight and a bit irritated until I put on my moisturizer.

I think the mask is great if you just want to treat your skin, however I do not think it does anything special or anything that a 0,50€ mask from your local drugstore wouldn´t do. I did find that the mask cleaned my skin quite nicely however I DO NOT recommend it for dry skin since it left my dry spots quite irritated.

So, after not being that impressed with the first one I kept putting off trying the second one since I truly did not expect that much. I finally forced myself to try the Blemish Mud mask (or as I call it, the Shrek mask) out and observe what will happen.

Again, I applied my Soraya face peeling and put the mask on. All though you were supposed to leave the mask on for 15min I got distracted and left it on for about 25-30min. After I went to rinse it off I was amazed!
The mask, that has the freshest scent ever and that felt a bit thicker on the skin than the first one rinsed out nicely (although I did not expect that since the mask became hard in the first couple of minutes). Now, what amazed me (and by saying amazed I do not think I give the mask justice) is the fact that the entire left side of my face became completely acne free! Don´t get me wrong, you could still se those red spots, but the bump from my acne disappeared completely! I even had one HUGE acne spot on my left cheek that looked like it is about to poop for the entire day..and even that disappeared completely!!!
My skin felt soooo soft and all my acne bumps that were about to come out were completely gone! Seriously, can you believe that? I couldn´t!!! I already have my December wish list (I´m on a no spend period since I bought quite a lot of goodies this month and December is fast approaching…) and this mask is #1 !!!
After being so happy with the results I went and checked the ingredients and I was not surprised why the mask is such a miracle worker! All of the different clays keep your skin looking fresh, clean and acne free where as aloe vera makes sure to keep everything nicely moisturized.

I can´t recommend this mask enough to ANYONE who is dealing with acne however I do not know how a dry skin person would react to it. I loved the fresh smell since it really cleared my sinuses and I actually enjoyed the thick consistency (although I usually hate it!). I do think the price 2,57€ is perfect for such a product and I can´t wait to get my hands on some more of these masks!!!

You can get the MUD PAC (Avatar mask) HERE and you can get the BLEMISH MUD (Shrek mask) HERE


  • Kulsko, moram probat 🙂 <3

  • Očitno se spopadava z istimi problemi, tole "shrek" masko moram nujno nabaviti:)

  • Ja, celo brado imam polno aken in sem celo mislila posneti kakšen video, kako sama to prekrivam…mogoče..
    (naslednje 2-3 tedne mi čas NIČESAR ne dopušča)
    Hehe sporoči mnenje! 🙂

  • Super!
    Sporoči mnenje! 🙂

  • Tole pa je definitivno nekaj za preizkusit! sicer imam masko od Yves Rocher ampak mi jo počasi že zmankuje! super objavica 😉


  • Kolikokrat na teden pa das masko blemish mud na obraz?

  • Shrek masko sem tudi jaz dobila v test, ampak ker imam celo štalo na področju brade in lic si je nisem upala preizkusit. Ampak očitno jo moram! 🙂

  • Hvala!
    Ja, meni je bla top!
    Sporoči rezultate, ko preizkusiš! 🙂

  • Hejla 🙂
    Za test sem imela zgolj ta 1 paketek, jaz pa po navadi uporabljam maske kadar se spomnim.
    (Lisa Eldrige na Youtubu to priporoča in no..jaz bi naredila karkoli kar mi ona reče! :D)
    Je pa res, da bi ti pri takšnih močnejših priporočala vsaj 1 do 2 dni med ponovnim nanosom, ker
    čene je vse skupaj res preveč za kožo..
    Upam, da sem pomagala 🙂

  • Hehe, jaz sem na istem in me je ZELO impresionirala!
    Sporoči svoje rezultate! 🙂

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