I have told you many times before that this autumn my skin has been going CRAZY and I was doing everything I could to get it to its natural state… With that comes A LOT of experimenting and trying out new products. One of the products I tried out and found worth mentioning was Declare´s power duo oil + serum.
This concoction is full of vitamins, hydro components, lipids, oils and much more. It is supposed to be perfect for every skin (young, pre-mature, mature) type since it is beneficial and it moisturizes the skin without weighting it down. It is especially perfect for normal to dry skin (which I have been experiencing) The product comes in a tube and has a practical pump, which keeps the product from building up bacteria.
The product calms down my skin the moment I apply it, all though I do recommend warming it up in your hands before applying. One pump is enough for my entire face AND neck. The product is supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and I have to say I did not notice that, since I do not have many fine lines (if any). I noticed my skin having a healthy glow when I applied this product and I do believe it is worth every penny since my skin was not really on the glowy side of things….at all!
I applied the serum morning and night and I have to say the product does have a slight, clean scent all though I did not find it disturbing. The product feels sooo light-weight you will forget you even applied it. What I appreciate most about it is the fact that you can apply your moisturizer right after applying the serum since it dries super fast and you do not have to wait for ages (like you do with some other serums). However, I have to mention I had to avoid my problematic/acne areas since I did find the serum to irritate my acne a bit and it did leave them a bit redder after the application. I avoided using it on my acne in the mornings, but used it at nigh nevertheless since I do think the Vitamin C and E in the serum did lighten up my dark spots a bit.
Over all I think:
– The product moisturizes the skin beautifully.
– It leaves the skin super soft.
– Slight clean scent.
– Light-weight.
– Many skin beneficial ingredients.
– Does help with lightening up dark spots (however, do NOT expect miracles).
– It does irritate acne spots a bit, however it does not brake you out.
– It leaves your acne a bit redder after the application.
– Gives you a healthy glow.

The product costs around 40€ and I think you can find it in your local Muller. I do believe the product is worth the price and I have to say the product did spark up my intrest for the Declare brand (this was my first ever Declare product).