• December 13, 2014

The Seven Beauty Sins

Today´s post was inspired by a post I read from Živa from Nothin´ Fancy. Really.
I really enjoyed that post and I thought to myself I should really confess my sins to you, too. So, I know as beauty bloggers and how we say you shouldn´t do this or you should do that..well, we don´t always prcatice what we preach and here are my SEVEN BEAUTY SINS.

1.You should wait about 5-10min before applying your makeup, to give the moisturizer time to sink in!
This is one of those things I just never have the time for. Don´t get me wrong..even if I had 5h to do my makeup I still wouldn´t find the time for this step. And don´t think I do that unintentionally! I consciously make the decision that I will not wait for that long. Seriously! Every day there is a voice inside of me that says I should wait, but I just choose to ignore it since I am always afraid I will run out of time.

2.Clean your makeup brushes regularly!
Now, I do clean them…occasionally…but let me tell you..if Jaclyn Hill saw my makeup brushes I think she would have a heart-attack. I do know not cleaning your brushes is probably the worst thing you could do, but somehow I just never have the will power to get of my ass and wash them. I never find the time and well..I don´t have that many makeup brushes, but I know I have more than average and I am SO LAZY that I actually switch around using them and when it comes time to clean them there is a mountain of brushes and I give up before even taking them all to the sink…Now, I could promise you I will try to work on that, but let´s be honest..it´s just not in my nature! I make the decision to wash them every week and after 2 weeks I give up!
(And yes, I am aware dirty makeup brushes probably contribute to a large number of my acne..)

3.Apply a body lotion/body butter to your skin every night and/or morning to keep your soft moisturized and soft!
Be honest with me..does anybody actually do this? (Please say you don´t so I don´t feel that bad.)
As you probably noticed I hate doing anything that takes longer than 5min. I mean I do usually force myself to at least apply a quick layer of SOMETHING on my body but I have to admit I am to lazy to do it every night and morning..It is autumn now and I know I should moisturize my skin ten times more in this season and that is why I am giving dry brushing a chance (I have talked about one of the benefits of dry brushing in one of my first posts ever. It is in Slovene and you can read it HERE.) and I hope that will force me to apply moisturizers to my body more often! So far, so good!

4.Apply your hand cream whenever you remember!
I was usually quite a good girl when it came to this point since I usually used fast absorbing hand creams. Now that I decided to try out some new ones I just never seem to apply them during the day. The only one I find myself reaching for the most is a Burt´s bees one and that one is not that practical to carry around. I always have with me at least one hand cream, but I still have the driest cuticles EVER! Somehow college just forced me to stop using hand cream. WHY? Well, have you ever tried putting on a hand cream and taking notes 2 seconds after that? Not that fun! However, since I got my Burt´s bees hand cream I have been applying it at least 2 times per day and I have to say I do see a difference (the cream is REALLY thick!).

5.ALWAYS apply heat protection spray before ironing your hair!
I already know you will hate me for this one, but just try to hear me out! I know I ALWAYS lecture EVERYONE one using heat protection spray, but lately I have been a bad girl. Why? Well, most days I have my hair pulled up and there are only few occasions when I will have it down my face..and I usually don´t use my straightener when I have them down however on those few times I do I am probably just rushing out of the door and just want to fix a few loose strands. And that is when I do not apply my heat protection spray. Because let´s be honest…I don´t have the time to wait for the spray to dry and since I am so impatient I would probably use the straightener  even if my hair was still wet so I find what I do a smaller sin by justifying it with that. (Yea…I ´m weird..I know :D)

6. Don´t bite your nails!
Now, girls..I know I told you I finally stopped, but that was BEFORE the college stress happened. There is just something about me and stressful situations that makes me want to bite my nails. I did only bite them on one hand this time, but still..I had to visit Sara to prevent me from biting them again. I am working on this and I did it for about half a year without ever biting my nails and I just did it once (and stopped myself and visited Sara) after that so I hope it will never happen again.

7. Always brush your hair from the bottom up!
I know I should follow this rule to keep my hair in the best condition and prevent it from braking, however I just can´t do it. I know it does not take that much time, but somehow I just find a way to convince myself that it is a waste of time and I just do it from the top and go down. I know I pull my hair and cause brakeage because of that, but I think that is just a sin I will never be able to fix.

Now that will be all for my Seven Beauty Sins (all though I am sure I am guilty of even more sins). Do you do any of these? Which are your beauty sins you just can´t stop doing? Do you have any solutions for me and how I could stop doing my sins? If you do, please let me know in the comments bellow, I would love to read your suggestions!


  • oh, poznam, je pri meni isto 🙂 se probam držati "navodil", pa mi nekako skoraj nikoli ne uspe 🙂

  • Super opomnik 😉 moram spet copice urediti! Zakon objava!


  • LOL, v vseh se najdem, razen v 5., ker imam naravno ravne lase 😀

  • Res zabavna in super objava :)! se pa najdem predvsem v točkah: 1., 3. in 7 🙂

  • Hehe jaz sem se za večino kar sprijaznila, da nikoli ne bo uspelo 😀

  • Hehe, no pa je še za nekaj vredu ta objavica! 😀
    Hvala 🙂


  • No, pa nisem edina..se že boljše počutim! 😀

  • Hvala! 🙂
    Ehh ja, saj mislim da imamo vse neke ˝grehce˝ v katerih se najdemo 😛

  • Oh ja been there,done that:/ Pac mamo vse te grehe..you are not alone:D

  • Hehe no, pa se že boljše počutim! 😀

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