• December 16, 2014

Babor Cosmetics

So today I am going to make it quick and simple with a post of some products I have been trying out and loving for the last week or so. You know me and you know I always take my time with the post to really try things out so doing a post like this after just one week of trying these products out really says a lot! So, I have been sent a couple of products from Babor and I wanted to try them out the minute I got them. In my parcel I got a metallic eye shadow, a nail polish and a body butter, which I am still trying out.

The main items I wanted to talk to you about are the nail polish and the eye shadow. As you know I currently have my gel nails on that the beautiful Sara did however when I saw this one I had to try it out since it is the prettiest color I have ever seen in a nail polish that I have ever seen (+ it is perfect for December)! So, I decided to paint my toe nails although for some reason my toe nail polish always lasts 3 days-tops! And that is what inspired this post! This nail polish is STILL on my toes and it still looks like the minute I applied it! I did find it very opaque and I could easily go with just one coat! However I did apply to and I applied my Essie Millionails under it and my Zoya top coat on top (this is everything I usually do). The color is (as you can see in the picture) perfect and I can´t wait to paint my nails with it. I love the fact that it comes in a smaller bottle (or however you call it) since well..most of my nail polishes usually dry out before I use them all out. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a long lasting polish with the maximum color pay-off. You can buy the nail polish here: NAIL POLISH

Now, for the second item I wanted to talk about. It is this beautiful peachy-metallic-gold eye shadow that is quite opaque (I would compare it with the BH cosmetics eye shadows) however what I like about it that it gives a beautiful sheen to the lids even if you wear it on its own or with a liquid liner (my favorite combo!). The tiny glitter are not overwhelming and they do not fall down your face and I think you could even use it as a highlighter on new year´s eve (a tiny bit on your cupids bow and some on your cheek bones)! What I was really impressed is the packaging. It comes a beautiful gold pot and it even has a tiny mirror so you can carry it with you if you feel like you need a touch up (all though, with a use of eye shadow primer, I don´t even think you would need it…at all!) or if you are on the go. It claps when it closes so you know it is closed (after so many of my eye shadows broke in my bag I really appreciate a loud closure) and the gold makes it look even more high-end looking! This product really made me want to try out more of Babor cosmetic products and I do recommend you checking out their page the next time you will be on a makeup-splurge.
You can buy the eye shadow here: EYE SHADOW

You can learn more about Babor here: BABOR
You can buy their items here: BABOR SHOP
And you can even follow them on Facebook: BABOR FACEBOOK PAGE



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