Still don´t know what to get your mom, sister or your best friend for christmas or new year? Well, I have found just the thing!
If you wanna know all about it, keep on reading!
As I said before, I was sent some products from Babor to try out and I have already reviewed their nail polish and their eye shadow
(you can read the review here: BABOR COSMETICS) and I have just noticed both, the eyeshadow and the nail polish are currantly on sale! I wanted to dedicate a seperate post to this product since I think it is perfect to give as a gift!

The Calming Body Butter I was sent has a strong lavender and mint scent and I have to say, if you love lavender scents, you will love this product! Since the product is targeted as something you can use when you do your spa night in, the scent is just like the one you can smell when visiting the spa (or getting a massage), however it is not as intense when you apply it to your skin and rub it in. The product itself however is perfect for the colder months since it really moisturizes the skin although it does need a bit longer to sink into your skin (still not as long as many other body butters).
It leaves the skin super soft much like the feeling you get after doing a peeling. The body butter comes in a really clean looking packaging which makes it look luxurious and I love using it as a treat after a good day at the gym and I know my skin will stay soft for at least another couple of days.
(I have noticed my skin remained soft even days after using this product – and yes, I did take a shower in between those days – which makes me think I will have this product for at least a couple of months!) I mainly use it on my dry spots or after shaving my legs however I do find you don´t need to use that much when applying since it distributes nicely. I would recommend this product to anyone in these cold months however I think it would even be perfect for any other time of the year for someone with dry skin since the shea butter and the cocoa butter really penetrate your skin and moisturize it from within (and keep the moisture there!).

This product gets a 5/5 and I do think any woman would be more than happy to recive it as a gift and I think December is the perfect month to be giving!
I have even noticed some of the Babor Spa products are currently avaliable in sets:

(And for my male readers…I know most of you don´t know that much about skincare so trust me when I say this; Any girl would be more than happy to recive this product as a Christmas/New-Years or even Valentine´s day gift! Just make sure she likes the smell of lavender before purchasing the product since it has quite a strong scent.)

Overall I have to say I was REALLY impressed with this brand since this was my first time trying their products. I have to say I really do think you get your money´s worth!

P.S. I am already looking at their holiday offers and I think I know what the women in my life will be getting this December.

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