• December 26, 2014

Get Long Lashes and Thick Brows Naturally

I know we all want long lashes and thick brows, but some of us want to get there the natural way. I did a loooot of reasearch and found something that actually works! This is a trick a lot of Youtubers and celebraties do and I can´t wait to share it with you since all you need is some Castor Oil and one of those mascara wands you get in almost every makeup kit.

So, as I have stated, for this DIY you will need:
CASTOR OIL (You can buy one here: http://goo.gl/GP1SKP)
A CLEAN MASCARA WAND (You can clean one from your old mascara or use the one you got in your brush set.)

Now, all you have to do is apply some of the oil on the brush and then brush through you lashes and brows. Clean the brush after each usage so you do not get bacteria build-up and you are good to go.
I have noticed results after about 2 weeks of using this method every night (I really don´t recommend using it during the day if you will be going anywhere since the oil is quite thick and it can run down your face.) and I have to brag a bit – my brow finally has a tail!!!

I think this tip is great if you want thick brows and lashes since it is 100% natural and it moisturizes your lashes and brows and thus causes them to grow fuller and it keeps them away from brakage.
The oil is great for dry skin as a moisturizer and even for oily skin as a cleanser since it keep away the bacteria.

Have you ever tried this trick and how did it work for you?
I have heard many tips for longer hair (I have written one about the Inversion Method in my past (it is in Slovene) and you can deffinitely use a bit of Castor and Olive Oil for doing that since they both promote long and healthy hair. You can read the entire article where I go into detail here: http://goo.gl/Zbiydv) and many other benefits Castor oil has for you so make sure to pick one up since I am planning on doing more of these natural beauty DIY´s.



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