• December 30, 2014

Scents that make me daydream ♥

If you know me, you know I love candles, especially in December. There is just something about a nice smelling candle and that candle light…
Well, what I wanted to talk about today were these beauties – OWN (One With Nature) CANDLES. These candles do not contain phthalates and parabens and are there for human friendly. They are made out of 100% vegetable wax and without all the bad chemicals and they even support the GreenPalm organization. The coloring in these candles is natural as is everything about them. The company, which swears their candles are hand made stands for being one with the nature without harming it. What I, as a vegeterian, find most important is the fact that these products were made with no animal testing.
Now, you will love what I will say next: The candles are 100% hand made is Slovenia. That means you will be helping our economy with every purchase!

( That is how I justify it! 😀 )

Now, if that did not convince you that these candles are awesome let me tell you about the smells. I do admit the smells are not as strong as some of the candles that use more chemicals, but I for one find that awesome since I like to burn my candles throughout the entire day and you really can´t do that with some candles unless you want a bad headache. The candles give off nice, soft scents and their waxes last for days (seriously I am currantly burning Original Marzipan and have been for the last 5 days). The scent they give out is just as strong from the first 5min as it is for the next 5h. Seriously, they give off such a nice scent, our whole house smells like vanilla once I light up one in my room. I love the fact that they sell a variety of different smells since that way I can use one for my bedroom, one for the kitchen and even one for the bathroom.
You can find anything from sweet smells (which I love) to those clean smells that are just perfect for the bathroom (I think White Jasmine is the perfect example for that). The packaging is sooo pretty (Seriously, I have to show you the boxes that the candles come in!) and I think these candles are the perfect gift items without breaking the bank. In their online shop you can find anything from scented waxes to massage candles and even travel scented candles! I love their packaging and what they stand for and I am honestly doing this post since I want the best for the company since I do support them and their politics 100%. I hope this company succeeds and I am sure it will! Just grab one item and you will be addicted! I know I am!
And if you have any questions I am sure the company would love to answer them (if they didn´t do that on their site already) since this truly is the nicest company I ever got the chance to talk to.
The delivery is free if you spend over 35€ and there is a free gift with every purchase. You can even have it arranged that the delivery address is directly to the person you want to send the gift to (I know I would love a surprise like that at my door).

You can visit the site and look at the offer here: OWN SHOP


  • Mene si že okužila z njimi 🙂 I need them all:) Mislim, da bom Yankee svečke za nekaj časa dala na stran in si naredila zalogo teh. Res dišijo, pa še všeč mi je, da so naravne in seveda slovenske:)

  • Kok so dobre <333

    Jaz imam jasmine prižgano zvečer ob postelji, ceeeela soba diši!

  • Hehe, super!
    Meni so tkooo všeč res…in iz istih razlogou samo še njih!
    Pa še tkooo lepo pakiranje je 🙂

  • Jaaa! Ehh js sm pa z Vanilijo pa Apple Pie obseeedena pa Cherry pa takimi…VSE so super! 🙂

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