• June 27, 2015


I promised a Q & A post and here it is. There were quite a lot of questions so I decided to divide this post into many parts and I also choose ENG to be the only language I will use, since the post would be too long otherwise. Here it goes!

The first question I got was about my body, how I maintain a healthy figure.
Well, first of all I have to say I am faltered by all your questions and compliments and second off all I have to say I do not have a ˝perfect˝ body. I try to exercise when I have time, however I do not put it as a priority in my life. I haven´t been to the gym for about 4 weeks now nor have I done any outdoor activities..in fact, the only movement I have done recently was to my fridge..and to college. As far as what I eat..well I have been a vegetarian for about 4 years now, however I do eat fish occasionally (I know, I´m a bad bad girl..). I try to eat healthy and replace my junk food cravings for some guilt free ones like protein bars, rice cakes, etc. I will never say no to fried cheese, french fries and some vegan mayonnaise..I mean, can anyone really do that?! I believe in moderation and yes, there are some things I would love to change and a couple of pounds I would love to loose, but I won´t really complain since I obviously don´t want that enough…If I did I would get my ass off the couch.
I guess I just learned to dress for my body type. I know I have quite a small waist and I love to extenuate it and focus other people´s attention to that. I think you should try to dress for your body type and not follow any single trend there is – I mean..I tried pulling off low rise jeans and trust me, it just doesn´t work. Trial and error I guess.

The second question was about my haircare.
Since I completely changed my routine I thought about doing a blog post about it so I won´t really get into that much detail now. I shampoo (I try to use a shampoo with as little sulphates as possible), use a hair mask once in a while and a conditioner. I also apply a hair oil once my hair is still damp and once more once I let it air dry. And yes, most of these products are available in the drugstore.

I got a lot of questions about my outfit posts and I saw that most of you want to know who picks out my outfits, do I have any sponsors, who does the styling and which outfit can I relate to most.
You probably noticed I wear a different style in (almost) every post..and I guess that is exactly who I am. One day, I can be the queen of the darkness and the next I will want to look like a princess. I like to experiment with my look and as I said before..it´s all trial and error. For now, I think my last few outfit posts can really show what I´ve been lovin´ lately.
I do have a couple of sponsors with who I collaborate, however I always choose them if I would actually wear their clothes on an everyday basis. I always choose the pieces myself and I try to mix and match with whatever is already in my closet. I love doing outfit posts since they require a bit less mental activity, however they are still quite time consuming. The first thing is choosing the item..when you get a shop full of clothes choosing only a couple of items is really not that easy. Once you actually do the fun part you have to deal with our customs..which are well..not the nicest people out there, to say the least. Then you have to schedule your time with the photographer, create a style, find a location, etc etc…there is a lot that goes behind the scenes since what I told you is only the fun part. However, if you are truly passionate about your blog (as I am) it is all worth it when you see the end result.

My favorite makeup product

I wish I could be one of those lucky girls who has the perfect complexion and can get away only with mascara, however not all of us were gifted with clear skin and thus I would have to say my favorite product is a concealer..now if I could limit my option to 3 products, then I would choose my foundation, concealer and my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow.

How much time do I spend on doing my makeup daily, do I apply makeup every day?
Well..how much time do I have? 😀
I love applying my makeup since I find it calming and peaceful and I usually spend about 15min. I got my routine down and if I have to get ready in a hurry I can do it in about 5min, however I like to take my time and if I am getting ready for a night out I can spend hours in front of the mirror (with Jaclyn Hill, Lisa Eldridge or Wayne Goss talking in the background). I don´t wear makeup everyday since I like to give my skin some time to breathe and some days I´m just to lazy to apply it..however as I said I find applying my makeup some kind of meditation that gets me ready for the day so I like to apply it quite often.

Favorite mascara
Huh, there is one high-end mascara I adore, however I do not like to splurge on mascaras (I don´t really see the point) so there are two, really cheap ones I swear by. They are both from Essence..the first one is the I <3 EXTREME one, which has the best wand and formula in the world, however it dries EXTREMELY  fast and it can get clumpy and that is why I opt for my Essence Plump NO clump one (which a reader of mine recommended)  more often.

How do I do it all?
First of all, thank you again for your compliments, but trust me..there are days when all I do is sit on the couch and relax. Going to college and studying 2 majors, having a blog, maintaining a contact with my readers via social media, going to events and meetings, trying to exercise, maintaining a good social life, building a carrer etc. can be quite stressful for a 20 year old, but I believe we should always try to be active. I don´t really see the point in going through life and just sitting on the couch or grabbing coffee all the time. We are only living this life once so why not do the best we can? Besides, I have big plans and dreams for myself and being disciplined is one of the things I HAVE TO be to achieve everything I want.
Of course, there are days when I don´t see the point in it and even months..that is when I try to take some time off and think about what I really want out of life. I have a list of things I want to accomplish this year on the wall next to my computer and I believe it keeps me motivated.

That will be all for today, since I don´t want to bore you guys, but if you have any further questions I did not answer yet or anything you would like me to talk about more (or do a separate post) please leave that in the comments bellow and I will try to do that asap.

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