• August 26, 2015

Beauty Brands I´m Loyal To

As a blogger you get a lot of opportunities to try out new products and brands and you really discover some gems. However, there are some brands to which I always go back since I know they never disappoint so today I wanted to share those with you. I won´t really use any particular order since they are all awesome and I don´t really know which one I would put as my number one – I love combining them all and creating a mixture that suits me best. I am sure you all  know by now I have acne prone skin so this post will focus more on my skin type.

Paula´s Choice
This brand impressed me with their acids since they work magic for acne prone skin however all of their other products are just as good and I know they will always impress me. I love the company´s policy since they really try to help their buyers in choosing the best product for their skin type and they are not afraid to talk about cheaper alternatives, even if that means that maybe they won´t sell as much products (just take a look at their Youtube channel and you´ll see what I´m talking about).

A brand I was introduced to by my mom. She has always been a faithful user and swears by their products. She often tries something new just to ˝spice it up˝ however she always comes back to Vichy. For all my acne prone skin type girls I recommend their Normaderm line (of which I became the proud ambassador this September with the launch of their new Normaderm BB cream) which gives great results while it is still gentle enough not to damage your skin. If you are a man or have a man in your life that would love some skin care goodies to try out I suggest their Vichy Homme line.

La Roche Posay
My dermatologist always recommends their products and of course I trust her opinion. The line Effeclar is great for my skin type and the two products I love most are Effeclar K and their cleansing foaming gel which takes all your makeup off in the first try – trully the most effective cleanser I used so far. However, I have heard this line can be a bit too harsh for some so maybe look at some alternatives if your skin needs that extra moisture.

This is a brand I found out about through blogging. They got me addicted to their Soraya So Pretty Peeling and I have recommended it to everyone I know, it has even shown great results on people with dry skin – just make sure you moisturize well after you use it and as with any products that contains acids, never ever forget your sun screen!

This brand is known for their scents and their haircare products are my favorite. I know what some of you are probably thinking at this moment; yes, their shampoos can be a little pricy, but believe me they can last you longer than any other shampoo I tried any your scalp/hair will thank you. If you have a stubborn pimple and you want it gone asap make sure to try out their grease lightning. If you don´t know how to get your Sigma face brushes clean, try using their 9 to 5 lotion cleanser – it´s the only product I ever tried that really gets the job done.

No matter how many foundations I try out their Healthy Mix foundation is still the one I go back to. I have tried some of their glosses and nail polishes and their blushes are just a dream to apply. This is a brand that truly never disappoints. The brand is owned by Chanel so you know quality is a must. I did not put Chanel on this list since you really need to be careful with the ingredients in their products since they can be a bit to harsh for most skin types and their nail polishes really aren´t worth the price.

This quite affordable brand is unfortunately not available in Slovenia, however if you can get your hands on their products make sure to try out their nail polishes and their 30 Days Extension mascara is something everyone should try out at least once. I have been using their self-tanning mitt for ages now and I always make sure to restock when I get the chance. They have a beautiful range of lipstick colors and finishes to go with them. Definitely a brand that never disappoints.

This is the brand that has the most ˝budget-friendly˝ products, however their quality proves higher prices does not always mean better quality. They try to bring the best for the least amount of money. I love their nail polishes although I have heard some girls are not really fond of the brush – I love it! Their eye shadows are great and their foundations can compare to some high end ones – just make sure to get your shade since I would say they could make their shade range a bit larger.

Yves Saint Laurent
A more high-end brand that always impresses me. I love everything from the packaging to the smell of their products and their lipsticks are a dream to apply. Although their products are scented they are one of the rare high-end brands that does not irritate my skin at all. Their highlighters are subtle and great for when you want to practice your strobing technique. If you want to splurge on mascara (which I am not really a fan of – but that is a whole new article right there) I am sure YSL has one just for you.

A brand in which I fell in love from my first purchase. I bought my first lipstick from the brand a while back and it is still one of my favorites. Their lip perfectors are all bloggers could talk about a while back and they all had one thing in common – they loved them. Their eye shadows can take your breath away with just one swipe. I personally did not try out that many of their skin care products however I know a lot of girls who swear by them. Make sure to check out their makeup stand this September since they have something beautiful coming your way and I am sure this collection will suite everyone and their mother – literally.

From their lipsticks to their moisturizers, there is not a product I tried and did not like. The variety of the shades they use is what keeps their costumers coming back. No matter the age or base color of your skin I am sure you will find something to suit your complexion. Their anti-cellulite line is one which many swear by and their mascara wands are just beautiful.

Isa Dora
I haven´t tried that many products from this brand, but the ones I did made such a huge impact on me that I decided to add them to this list. Everything from their lipsticks to their blushes applies like a dream and I could compare the texture of their eye shadows to the Naked pallets without a second thought.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
From their shadow brow products to their contour pallet their products are all people can talk about at the moment. Their Dipbrow Pomade is one of my holy grails and I cannot imagine my life without it. Their brow brushes are the best I have ever found for creating that perfect arch while giving the most precise lines, allowing you to draw your brows in precisely.

I am sure you all heard about Sigma brushes one way or another. In my opinion Sigma has the best brushes that offer the most even application with the least product necessary. Their face brushes are the best for applying foundation (if you are not a fan of the Beauty Blender) and many Youtubers swear by them. They also have a Sigma Beauty line which I did not try out yet, but is highly praised by many successful makeup artists.

If you are a sweet scent lover Escada will always have something to offer. From tropical scents to the very subtle candy like scents anyone can find something up their nose (see what I did there? :D). They bring out limited editions quite regularly and those never disappoint either – a thing I wish I could say for some other brands, too.

Miu Miu
Another fragrance brand that impresses even the most picky scent choosers out there makes sure to impress every single one of their users with each new release. Their scents are made for women with style, strong women and most importantly women who dare to be flirty. Make sure to put their new release on your calender – this September their completely new scent that has everyone and their mother talking about it is hitting the stores in Slovenia. You will be able to recognize it by its blue base and minimalistic yet very modern and stylish packaging with which the brand wanted to brake the stereotype that blue means boy and that pink is just for girls.

These are the brands I can name in my sleep and the ones that I can swear by. I always recommend these brands to my family and friends and since I count you as my friends, too I think it was about time I told you about them too. Hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to leave your holy grail brands in the comments – I would love to try out some new products.


  • Super izbor! V katerem odtenku pa imaš Dip Brow? Jaz sem imela Blonde ampak sem ugotovila da ima zame malenkost preveč topel podton, tako da sem zdaj naročila Taupe, baje najboljša izbira za blondinke. 🙂 xx

  • Hvala! Te so res moje FAV znamke, katerim sem zvesta že veliko let 🙂 Sama imam kot naravna črnolaska odtenek Medium Brown in mi je popoln! 🙂 Pred tem sem imela (ko sem imela še blond lase) njihove ˝senčke˝ za obrvi in so mi bile res top ampak po tem, ko sem preizkusila Dip Brow pa se mi zdi da res ne morem nazaj 😀 Preizkusila sem tudi že veliko drugih izdelkov za obrvi, pa so mi imeli vsi nekoliko preveč rdečkast podton, ta se mi zdi pa res super za mojo polt 🙂 Sicer me tudi nekoliko mika Ebony, ker res rada poudarim obrvi ampak me je strah, da bi imel nekoliko preveč rdeč podton :/ Ja, Taupe je odtenek, na katerega tudi veliko svetlolasih Yotuberk prisega..upam, da ti ta ne bo pretem, ima pa bolj hladen podton, zagotovo 🙂

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