• October 5, 2015

List of My Current Goals

I believe in making lists and sharing your goals with the people who matter in your life and since my readers really matter a lot to me I decided to share with you some of my current goals (in hopes that this will actually make me stick to my plans). For the last couple of months I have truly been a hot mess and all those college parties really took a toll on me and my body so for this school year (I am one of those people who don´t believe in the official New Year, for me a New Year begins with the first day of college) I decided to do some changes in my life that will help me get closer to my goals.

I really want to post more outfit posts. REALLY! I want to show my daily looks and I would love to post at least 1-2 a week, but I have a problem with booking my photographers since we are all super busy all the time and our schedules never really work together. In the next couple of weeks I want to put even more thought into my posts and schedule my photographers a lot in advance and take at least 4 weeks’ worth of posts in a day. And maybe even get a friend to take some shots of my daily outfits for my blog – however beware those will be a bit more amateur than the posts I do with my photographers. I decided I will share more of what pieces I love to wear in collages and maybe give you some ideas with them. I really love fashion and how you can express yourself with it.

You know I love making Youtube videos, but I was unable to do them for the last couple of months due to some technical difficulties. Well, I got a new computer for my birthday and now I have absolutely no excuse not to do them more often – ok, I do wish I had better lightening since these rainy days really make it hard for me to do good quality videos, but hey, you can´t have it all. I was thinking about separating my blog and Youtube in a way where all my fashion posts (everything from outfit posts to wish lists) would be posted on my blog and all of my beauty related topics would be discussed in a Youtube video. What do you guys think? The only problem is, I don´t really know what you guys want to see in my Youtube videos. I know you love tutorials, but I can only film those when it´s sunny, so you can see all the colors as they really are and I really love making talking videos and TAG´s.  I even thought about posting daily vlogs occasionally, but those would be filmed with my phone since my DSLR is really too heavy to carry and it´s the same with my old camera.

I haven´t shared this with you yet, but I have been a vegetarian for about four years and in the last month I have finally decided to finally make the switch and stick to veganism. I tried veganism once before, but that was before I ate any real veggies and I survived on pasta and bread. Now that I found my new love for veggies and fruit I decided to try veganism out. I do know this is not for everyone and I do believe you have to do a lot of research before taking the plunge because you can really do a lot of damage to your body otherwise. My reasons are ethical more than anything and I do know I will have to work a lot harder to get all the nutrient my body needs, but I do believe the extra work is worth it if I can make even the smallest change. Now, before you start pointing fingers and telling me how I need to eat meat and dairy I have to say I do not push my beliefs on anyone and thus I think you shouldn´t either. However, I do believe my readers are understanding enough not to write such things, but a little disclaimer never hurt nobody.

Yes, here is another thing you probably didn´t know about me. Since the first year of high school I have been an off and on again smoker, but I tried to hide it as much as possible because I know how much of a dumb a habit that is. I do not support it and never have, however I think once you start it is really hard to stop. I have quit many times before for a couple of months, but college stress or problems at home always got me back to my bad habit. I tried limiting my smoking to only nights out or coffee breaks, but that never really worked. This time I want to stick to my decision and finally stop. Smoking causes so much damage to your body and it is really not worth it. I know I will have a lot of temptation around me because I live in a dorm where the majority of the students smoke and those college parties are full of smoke. However, so far I have been a good girl and I even resisted those ˝I´m writing a blog post in a bar and kinda feel like Carrie Bradshaw so I wanna smoke˝ moments. This one will probably be the hardest for me, but so far I am really determent and I think coming clean with you guys will finally be the kick in the *** I need to stop.

If you are a student you will understand. I was never really a party girl, but ever since I moved into a dorm (about 4 months ago) the parties just come to my front door – literally. And with partying comes alcohol, and lots of it, too. I don´t think there is anything wrong with a glass of wine or two (or beer, whatever you prefer) here and there, but when it comes to partying like crazy at least 3 times a week, there is where I draw the line. October is the month of parties for Slovene college students and I am already scared of the temptation of the wild life, however after a couple of parties I just realized I am not the person who wants to waste the day after in bed with a horrible headache – it is just not worth it in my opinion. And don´t even get me started on how bad alcohol is if you want to lose weight or/and gain muscle and get clear skin! This year I want to be smart with my decisions and skip a party or two and maybe go for a run instead or write a blog post or two.

Smoking, eating junk and alcohol really took a toll on my body and I´ve neglected my training sessions quite a lot. All those extra kilos really don´t help my self-esteem and I always feel tired. If you know me you know I despise working out, but once I get into a routine I start enjoying it. I was on a good path last year and really did a lot of progress, but ruined it all after my break up and moving into a dorm. I think my biggest problem with going to the gym is the fact that I always feel judged and I am quite ashamed of the state in which my body is. I am aware people at the gym couldn´t care less about how I look since they are there to work on themselves and the only way to get my body into a better shape is to go to the gym. That is why this year I have decided to be more active again. I want to go back into the routine I had before all the crazy stuff in my life happened and this time I don´t wanna be so harsh on myself – I want to take it slow, try new things and do it how I want to. I´ve noticed I always pushed myself to hard and was really critical about my progress and it made me hate working out so this time I am taking baby steps – it´s still better to go for a half hour walk than push yourself so hard in the gym that you start hating it and never go again.

I´ve always been a good girl when it comes to education, however all the crazy events did influence my school work a bit and my grades did suffer a bit so now I want to get back on track and take control. I want to get back to doing everything on time and I want to pay attention in class more (now that is something I always had a problem with). I started to look at education quite differently recently and I think you can pretty much any subject for or even bearable if you put in the effort.

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I am the queen of overthinking and being there for everyone. I put way too much time into what other people think so one of my goals for this year even editing while putting away my phone and turning off my Wi-Fi (I know most people hate editing, but I actually love it!). I haven´t had a lot of ˝me time˝ recently since my family can be quite loud and I definitely need peace and quite so I hope being away from home again will bring me that (although I am aware realizing this wish is next to impossible since I do live in a dorm). I am an emotional person and being around noise makes me nervous and I tend react quite strongly to everything around me and that is something I want to get under control. I had that down a couple of months ago, but coming back home kind of threw me of track. Right now I am in a café writing this blog post (how hipster of me, I know) because I just needed to escape and do something that makes me happy, hope I will have more chances to do this in the future, I certainly will do everything in my power to make it happen.

I think this one will solve itself out without much effort. All those cigarettes and alcohol aren´t free and my wallet really paid the price for the last couple of months. Besides, being a blogger is not as cheap as you might think so this year I decided I will start saving more money and I even thought about making a blog post or a Youtube video on how you, as a student, can do that to without any sacrifices.

I know it can be cozy in your comfort zone, that´s why it is called ˝comfort˝ zone, however nothing really gets done if you never step out of it. I have been a good girl before and actually did a lot of things that scared me and I got great results so why not stick to it more!? I know it can be scary, but I am sure I will eventually start to enjoy it. For example, I always hated running and I never understood those people that actually went for a run when they felt stressed out (for me the best stressreliever is buying vegan ice cream and watching TV while eating the whole bucket). But about a month ago I gave running a chance. I was in a bad place at the time so I just wanted to clear out my mind. I put on some good music and just did it. And you know what? Half way through the run I even forgot I was running, I got lost in the moment and I actually enjoyed it. I finally understood all those ˝I´m going for a run after classes to clear out my mind˝ kind of people. Now, I´m not saying I was fast, nor am I saying I ran for miles without stopping. What I am saying is I actually stepped out of my comfort zone, tried something different for me and actually enjoyed it. And I think I (and you) should do more of that. Stepping out of our comfort zone is the first step to growing and we should all just strive to be our best selves.

I am one of those people that can hold on to something sentimental for years, even decades even if it creates a mess in my life. My environment has become cluttered and consequently so has my mind. Some say spring cleaning is a thing; I say autumn cleaning will be a thing, too. I think a clean and fresh environment calls for a focused and clear mind. I want to get rid of all the makeup I don´t use, donate or sell all the clothes I don´t ware and I have about 4 boxes of books that need to be donated to a library or a book store. I feed of the energy my environment gives me and right now all I am getting is a lot of cluster and noise. I know this will be a hard process because I attach a lot of emotions to object, but I need to realize it is better to hold onto memories than objects and just clear out my space.

I am a spontaneous person however I admit planning in advance (to some extent) does help you reach your goals and be more consistent and it makes you stay on track. I think anything written down on a piece of paper is more likely to occur and that is why I got a couple of planners for the New Year and just the fact that they are so beautiful will make me use them more often (I hope). I am thinking about making posts or Youtube videos like this more often will help to, since sharing your thoughts/plans with a lot of people puts some pressure on you to actually make them happen. Do you have any tips on how to be consistent with planning? I have a problem where I stick to it for a month or so and then just forget about it and my life soon becomes a mess again.


  • Congrats on everything, especialy veganism! You're doing the right thng girl 🙂 and it is so easy .. kudos for you doing the right thing 😀

  • Super objava, se pa najbolj strinjam z saving money and comfort zone … to bi moralo nujno biti tudi v mojem planu. 😛

  • Thank you! Yes, I have noticed it is SUPER easy and my digestion and skin/complexion are looking better than ever! 🙂

  • Hvala! 🙂 Ja, se mi zdi da nas je kar nekaj takih, ki bi se mogle večkrat tega držati 😀

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