• December 24, 2015

No More Dry Skin! – ENG ONLY

4kidsandus ointment for dry and problematic skin (buy here: https://goo.gl/71rLN6)
Today I want to tell you about a product that has been my companion at all times for the last couple of months. You know I am not really a fan of reviews so you can bet this product really impressed me!
I´m sure you all know my skin type by now and I am sure you have all been experiencing (as have I) some dry patches on your skin in these cold months. Well, about 2 months or so ago I got the chance to try something from the brand 4kidsandus. Since their main target are people with mature and/or dry skin I was quite skeptical at the beginning and even turned the offer down at first. After talking to their sales department I realized I just needed their ointment for dry and problematic skin.
Now, at first I did not mean to use it on my face I was more interested in what it can do for my cuticles. Since I started seeing Sara I have to say I have stopped biting my nails, however I have replaced that awful habit with a new one – biting my cuticles. Every time I came to see Sara she was angry at me and tried to warn me about how bad that can be not only for my nails, but my overall health as well. Of course that didn´t stop me.
My cuticles looked like they belonged to a 60-year-old male truck driver who is just too bored to even function. So I gave this product a go, despite being very skeptical, thinking no product in the world could repair my condition. I was surprised at the wax-like texture, but loved the fact how you need the tiniest amount for all 10 fingers. For the first week or so I only used it about once or twice a day since I always forgot to take it with me. I noticed quite an improvement and it motivated me to use it even more often. I soon started carrying it with me to class and when meeting my friends and I even forced them to give me their opinion. They said it has an interesting texture and they were really pleased when I told them about the ingredients. So about 3 weeks passed and I didn´t even pay that much attention to my cuticles anymore. I kept re-applying my ointment every couple of hours, not even putting that much attention into what I am doing. I scheduled my next appointment with Sara and it was at that moment that I actually realized how good my cuticles look. I always got a dirty look from Sara for how I don´t take care of my cuticles and this time even she noticed how good they actually look!
As I have said it has been a couple of months since I started using this product and I have to say I found many new ways of using it and I can guarantee this product will not break you out. About a month ago I got a rash on my right eyelid and although my classmate, who has been experiencing the same problem for the last 7 years told me I should get some kind of antibiotics (however he did mention the rash will probably disappear for only a week or two) I decided to firstly try out the more natural version. I tried everything from not applying any makeup to the area to rubbing Nivea (not such a pleasant experience if I may add) and oils to that area, but nothing worked. After a couple of weeks I finally decided to try out this product and I saw visible improvement from the first usage! I used it at night and in the morning my skin, for the first time in weeks, was not peeling off! I continued using it every night (and sometimes even throughout the day) for about a week and now my rash is completely gone – without the use of any antibiotics!

Ointment 1:0 Antibiotics

Now, if you suffer from dry skin in the winter (especially around your nose) I feel your pain. I am the girl that has to wipe her nose 24/7 (yup, the foundation around my nose is none existent in the first 10minutes after applying it too) and thus has a lot of dry skin in that area. Although I have been using Nivea (the classic blue container one) to help with my problem for years, this year I have decided to try out something more natural. This product completely got rid of my dry skin although it did leave it looking a bit greasy.
Some of my fellow bloggers suggested using it for elbows and some even for feet. I  think this is a great all-around product that everyone needs in their life – at least in the colder months.
However I do suggest applying it at home since this product can leave you looking a bit greasy – or at least that´s what it does to my, otherwise quite oily and acne-prone skin. I usually apply it right before bed and when I´m at home, makeup-free. For my cuticles I leave it in my purse and reapply it throughout the day.

You can buy the product here.

Have you tried any of the 4kidsandus products? Do you have any recommendations? How did the ointment work out for you?

If you want to read about how this product works on children, make sure you check out a blog post a fellow blogger wrote in Slovene by clicking HERE.

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