• December 31, 2015

Thank You

 Today I just wanted to take a minute or two of your time to thank you. To thank you for all the kind messages I have been receiving this year, for all your likes and comments – they really don´t go unnoticed. I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your suggestions and sweet words. I wanted to thank all the agencies I have cooperated with in the last year and I especially wanted to thank Katja and Lina for making me a Vichy ambassador. I know I started this blog for me, my personal enjoyment, but I have to say; If it weren´t for you guys I would have quit a thousand times this year. This year was not that pleasant for me. I had to make some dramatic changes in my life and I want to thank you guys for being understanding, patient and I want you to know all your sweet wishes helped. They helped me stay strong and they made me aware that at the end of the day I have me – a thought I think everyone should always carry with them. This year was the year Beautytipsbysandra became Aleksandra Rose. I found myself. This is me. I am Aleksandra Rose. A beauty/fashion/lifestyle and, hopefully one day, even a travel blogger. A proud Vichy ambassador (she types as she is eating her chocolate chip yogurt and wearing her Vichy Normaderm face mask). I am a blogger. I have finally learned I should be proud of that and not shy. I put effort into my work and I will be damned if I have to hide that. I am a blogger and I love talking about beauty, fashion, makeup and pretty much anything considered feminine. I am an English Literature and Philosophy major student. This year I have accomplished more than I could dream of. I cooperated with my all time favorite luxury and drugstore brands and I hope I can continue doing that in 2016. 2015 truly was the year of learning. It was the year of discovering myself, of who I am and who I want to be. There was heartbreak and there was pain..but as they say – you can´t have a rainbow without a little rain. I think everyone has a choice on how they will react in life and what their view on any given situation in their life is. I know I could remember 2015 as being painful, as being emotional draining and as being the hardest year so far. But I won´t. I choose to see the positive and if you want to call me a hippie or label me as being a hipster, so be it. I choose to think back on 2015 as being the year when I realized my mistakes. When I learned that you can love and leave. I learned it is possible to love completely and hurt at the same time. I learned I am responsible for my actions and my actions will have consequences. I learned its OK to screw up. I learned I want to be open with you guys. I now know that opening up does not necessarily mean being vulnerable. Being open means being strong. It means you have the strength to voice your thoughts and stand behind them. I learned it is OK to be foolish. It is OK to be weird and do what you love. I found out being me is the best thing I can be – in the past I have tried to copy what I thought was ˝the thing˝ at the time and let me tell you, it gets you nowhere. In 2016 I wish you find yourself. I won´t say the cliche; Have a happy new year! No. Because I have learned you need pain and sadness. You need it to grow. So this is my wish for you. To all of your reading my post right now – in 2016 I wish you would find yourself and give yourself freedom. Continue to grow and learn every day and focus on what matters to you. Don´t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. This life is yours. You are the one who is going to have to live with the consequences of your choices so make sure you choose what´s right for you. Don´t be afraid to screw up – we all do it. Make mistakes. Allow yourself to experience each and every day like it is a gift. Let 2016 be your year.


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