Outfit posts are probably the most popular ones on my blog and they are my favorite, too..so today I´ve decided to share the ones that really stuck with me and have a special place in my heart.

The first one I want to share is definitely special to me since it was the first time I collaborated with Katja and fell in love with her work. I will never forget how shy and awkward I was posing for this one, but who could have known this post would lead to a long-term collaboration.
You can check it out here: The Perfect Winter Coat

I just love the look of this outfit. It made me feel strong and empowered, like there is nothing I couldn´t do. I can still remember how much fun we had taking all the photos and how Katja thought my pants looked funny, but then fell in love with the results just as much as I did.
You can check this look out here: I Woke Up Like This
This one made it into my fav´s because it will forever remind me of the struggles being a blogger makes you go through. For me looking back on this post makes me feel cold and remembering how I tried to hide my runny nose on that cold January day. It reminds me of the troubles Katja had to go through to make the light work for us, instead of against us. Nonetheless it shows how with a talented photographer and a stubborn blogger you can create beautiful content no matter the conditions.
You can check out the post here: A Little Sequin Never Hurt Nobody
All the makeup lovers out there will know why this one made it to the list. How cool does my makeup look on this one!? I also love how comfortable this look was.
Check it out here: Take Me to the Unknown
This one will stay in my heart forever because of the beautiful memories created on that day. The scenery was beautiful and it was such a fun, warm, sunny day.
Check it out here: Hello Spring!
I am not such a fan of this post, but I just had to include it in here since it this one was one of the few chances you got to see me in sneakers and with my sleepy ˝Katja just take the pictures, I´m cold and cranky˝ look.
Have a laugh by checking out this link: Casual Neutrals
I love Italy and I think this post shows just how much. I am always so happy to visit Gorizia and the dress I was wearing was perfect for that chilly spring/summer weather.
Check it out here: Spring Pink
I think this post will forever be known as one of the proudest moments of me and Katja. I love every single thing about it and I think I will for years to come. Months have passed and this is still my favorite look I like to go back to whenever I want to look put together and classy. There is not a thing I would change about this post.
It is a must see, so I suggest you check it out here: Street Glamour
The golden hour. My fellow bloggers and photographers will know what I´m talking about. I think this post captured the feel we were going for perfectly.
Check it out here: Oh, Those Summer Nights
Feeling like a little red riding hood on this one. Love the whole look and how my hair looked at that point – now that I look at it I can sense some that whole Taylor Swift vibe.
Check it out here: A Floral Skirt and a See Through Blouse
The first time I met Nik. We hit it off right away and we had such a laugh with this post – I can still remember people stopping in traffic and a guy jumping out of the car just to take a picture with me..you can bet your sweet bippy he was from Maribor..and a complete stranger.
Check this post out here: Black and Nude
Nik is awesome. Need I say more!?
Check out why here: Summer in Italy
Another one that will stay in my memory forever because of the struggle we had to shot it. It was just me, Nik and Katja and well…a lot of rocks. We had such a good laugh – well at least Nik and Katja did..I was a nervous and scared wreck to have to climb all of this for some good photos…and I had to do it barefoot!
I think that fact alone deserves you checking the results out: The Yellow Dress
I really do work with amazing photographers. Nik is sooo talented and I think this post finally gave him justice. Just like Street Glamour, I consider this one to be one of my all time proudest moments. I´m in love with everything – the dress, the styling, the hair, the makeup, the scenery and the light…everything!
Check it out here: The Girl with the Tattoo
This was the look I was going for for my 21st birthday. It was crazy, wild and it was definitely out of my comfort zone. I love the way the outfit photographed and me and Nik had a blast creating it.
Check it out here: In the Wild
From revealing to classy – Nik can do it all..and I can wear it all! 😀
Have a look at the rest here: The Grey Dress
I took this one with a person I consider to be soo special. Teotim. An extra talented photographer, film-maker and an all-around kind soul. Taking pictures with him is always a blast and it doesn´t even feel like ˝work˝. It is what blogging is all about. He inspires me in a million ways just by being himself – a hard working individual with a million ideas and an amazing eye for details.
Check this post out here: Black Opium
  This is the result of working with Katja after a looong time. I love it.
Check out this link and tell me what do you think: It´s Time to Shine
Which of these was your favorite? Is there any of my outfit posts you think I should have added on the list? There are quite a few that just didn´t make it on the list, but that only inspires me to create better ones and put more effort into my 2016 ones. Would you like to see more outfit posts? What are some brands you think I should check out in 2016?
Thank you for all your suggestions and comments – they really mean the world to me.