• January 22, 2016

Clarisonic Mia 2 – Worth the Hype?

 If you are a fan of skincare this little beauty caught your attention many times, right? Now, if you are anything like me your were probably a bit skeptic about the hype and you were in no way going to spend 150€ for something that might turn out to be a complete scam. That is why I have decided to test this baby out so you don´t have to risk your money. Wanna know what I think?
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When I was thinking about purchasing a Clarisonic I did my research, however I still could not get myself to pay the price and that is why I have decided to go with the Olaz Regenerist brush instead. For a year or so I though the brush is the best thing ever and I really couldn´t understand why anyone would pay five times the price for a brush if they could get the Olaz one for about 30€. Boy was I wrong. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to this brush and I wanted to show a few main reasons why I think you should definitely invest your money in the Clarisonic one.

– affordable (about 30€)
– the replaceable heads only cost a couple of €
– lightweight
– smaller
– easier to hold in your hand
– charges with batteries (easier to travel with)

– great for someone who does not wear a lot of makeup
– two speed settings
– takes up less space
– easier to replace the head
– can be a bit harsh on acne-prone skin due to the high speed rotating head
– you have to keep track of the time yourself
– no protective plastic for the head (which makes the head a great bacteria magnet)
– feels like you are polishing your face, not cleansing it
– available in only one color
– does not come with a protective case for traveling

Clarisonic Mia 2

– helps clear out acne
– timer which lets you know when you should move to the next portion of your face
– more efficient
– different heads designed for different skin types
– cleans your skin better than the Olaz one
– great for a cake-face lover as well as for someone who rarely uses makeup
– two speed and strength settings
– 2 year warranty
– protective travel case
– comes in many different colors and prints
– from the beginning (until you get used to the feeling) you do feel like your whole head is vibrating due to the power it holds
– takes up space when charging since it has to lay flat
– harder to replace the head

Overall, I do believe Clarisonic Mia 2 is worth the price and the hype although I am aware it is not in everyone´s budget. The Olaz brush is great for someone who is just starting out with skincare and it gets you used to a routine if you start out with it. However, I do believe Clarisonic is worth saving up a bit of your money you would use for makeup since you know that all good makeup looks have to have a good base. I do believe that using the Clarisonic for the last couple of months in combination with Vichy Normaderm products helped my acne tremendously and I have noticed my black heads being way less visible and I haven´t noticed any new ones forming. I do have to warn you to not be turned of by face brushes if you break out in the first week or so since the break outs that will appear are only the ones that would come to the surface on their own, but within a couple of weeks. After the initial / potential break out period you are sure to be left with clearer, softer skin with less imperfections.

Have you tried any of the mentioned face brushes? What do you think? Is there any other brush you swear by?

P.S. I do apologize there are no photos of the Olaz brush or a side by side photo comparison it is just (to be completely honest) that I never felt the need to take the Olaz brush with me to Nova Gorica since trying and falling in love with the Clarisonic and thus I did not get the chance snap some shots.


  • Ali se Olaz vrti ali ima tako kot Clarisonic sonične vibracije? To bi me v primerjavi najbolj zanimalo 🙂

  • Hejla 🙂 Olaz se vrti, ja..zato sem tudi omenila, da me bolj spominja na nekakšno ˝poliranje˝ obraza, kot pa na čiščenje, katerega pri Clarisonicu definitivno je občutiti 🙂

  • Vidim da sva podobnega mnenja! Meni je Mia ful pomagala recimo, medtem ko mi Oriflame-ova pač samo dobr spuca kožo. Ni pa tistega WOW efekta pol… 🙂

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