• January 28, 2016

Blog Now, Study Later!

Leggings: New Yorker Jacket: SHEIN (buy here: http://goo.gl/pkQA5W) Jeans-jacket: Mom´s Closet Scarf: ZARA Shoes: Pitarello Italy Backpack: Pitarello Italy Watch: Lencia Zlatarna Celje Nails: Sara (contact here: https://goo.gl/6RhZaT )Is is just me or has this winter changed into spring really fast? I am currently dealing with exams, but I just couldn´t forget about you guys, so I created another outfit post (which was highly requested on my OPI Giveaway post – btw the Giveaway is still open and you can enter here: http://goo.gl/GfFev6 ). I love layering different pieces and creating unique looks and I adore how this denim jacket photographs. The outfit is warm enough for this crazy weather while it still looks super stylish and it is perfect for exam period since it is basically just layering some statement pieces like leggings and a basic black shirt. This outfit is super cozy and comfy and it is sure to be one of my exam-period favs! :)P.S. Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated this semester? It is my second to last semester until I get my diploma and I just can´t find the will power to focus and study :D.

PHOTO: Katja Perko (contact here: https://goo.gl/dEolni)


  • Vse slike so top in izgledaš čudovito! ^-^ Trikov za motivacijo nimava, sva pa drugače na istem mestu kot ti, zadnji semester pred diplomo in I guess we just have to suck it up and do it 😀 Zdej smo res že skoraj na ciljni ravnini in bo kmalu vsega konec 😀

  • Super outfit, še posebej pa TA šaaaaal. Want it! <3 <3

  • Hvala 🙂 Jah, jaz se sploh ne morem spravit pred knjige letos, nikakor ne gre :/ Ja, to me še edino tolaži, potem pa še 2 leti magisterija..

  • Hvaala! 🙂 Ja, jaz sem si ga kar od sestrične ˝sposodila˝ za nekaj časa, ker mi je bil tako lep, sama ga pa v Zari nisem več zasledila :/

  • Hud styling! <3

  • Hvala <3

  • Miss Perfect! <3

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