• February 12, 2016

Shooting With Teotim

Jacket: H&M Dress: Shein (purchase here:http://goo.gl/ypoG99 ) Shirt: Shein (purchase here:http://goo.gl/YG54TN ) Heels: Pitarello Italy Bag: New Yorker Watch: Lencia Nails: Sara (contact here:https://goo.gl/6RhZaT )

If you follow me on Snapchat you probably already know all about this shoot. I love taking pictures for my blog with my dear friend Teotim since he really is the best. I am honored to have such a talented friend and I can always rely on him to give me exactly what I want. I wanted to shoot this dress since I think it´s perfect for this transitioning period from winter to spring, due to its color and cut. You might want to pair it up with leggings for colder days, however for me it looks best paired with my over the knee high boots. I started daily vlogging (in case you missed my last weekly vlog, you can check it out here: https://goo.gl/wyQrlF ) and you can rest assured, I vlogged my experience with Teotim as well. My exams are over and I can finally go back to blogging and vlogging so make sure to check out my blog more regularly now.

P.S. Yes, I had to show my tongue piercing in the photo 😀
Oops, you didn´t know I got my tongue pierced!? Well, now you have to check out my weekly vlog to find out more! 😛. I have to give a shutout to my piercer Jolanda, because she really did a great job and my piercing healed super fast because of her, so go check out her Facebook page here:https://goo.gl/9Qtk7H and her online page here: http://goo.gl/6YjHcm.

P.P.S. You can see behind the scenes of this shooting in my last weekly vlog here:https://goo.gl/CIHqjR .
(The video is only available in Slovenian)
PHOTO: Teotim Logar Photography


  • Obožujem ta tvoj "don't mess with me" pogled v očeh pa obožujem tebe celo. #girlcrush <3
    Lp, tvoja nora s.Indijanka

  • Oooo, thank you honey! <3
    Moja nora Indijanka naj si prosim sčisti urnik, v nedeljo pride Rose nazaj :*

  • Wauuu Sandra, tole je res noro dober outfit! Všeč zelo <3

  • Hvala! Tudi meni je TOP! 🙂

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