• March 15, 2016

Lycon Wax

 I know you were expecting my second daily London vlog (if you haven´t seen my first one you should really rethink your priorities and check it out here: https://goo.gl/XMWgNB   – it´s in English), however today I was at an event which really put me in a good mood, so I wanted to share with you my experience asap. It was my first time getting my eyebrows waxed and I have to say, this will be my go-to grooming routine from now on – for sure!
I took some shots of the place since everything looked so peaceful and pretty and I have to say the food was delicious – keep an eye on my Instagram feed and my Facebook page to see more! I can´t remember the last time I got the chance to listen to such an expert and it really inspired me to learn even more about beauty. You will be able to see some of the knowledge that Lydie Jordane shared with us in my vlog and you will even be able to see the waxes in action. We even got a little goodie bag with some coupons and products – however, you will have to stay tuned if you want to know what they are.MY DAILY VLOG:

P.S. Don´t worry, I will still be posting my London day 2 vlog on my Youtube channel tomorrow.


  • Ma super je bilo! 🙂 Pa še obrvi imaš porihtane, zakon 🙂 Ko spišem objavo, bom kar tvoj vlog delila, si vse fajn ujela 🙂

  • Ja, res lep event je bil..samo žal mi je, da sem mogla hitet, čene bi lahko še na kako kavico skočle :)Obrvi pa…no, sem rekla, da bom definitivno našla salonček v MB, ki uporablja Lycon izdelke in samo še tja hodila 🙂 Oooo, hvala, ti kar 🙂

  • Waw, kako lepo pripravljen event. Vse tako super izgleda! In tvoje obrvi izgledajo čudovito, xx

  • Ja, res je bil super 🙂 Hvala!

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