• March 27, 2016

Natural Cosmetics at Golte Hotel & Mountain Resort

 This Friday I had the chance to attend an event for Dvorec Trebnik. If you haven´t heard of the brand I can guarantee you would be head over heels in love with their shampoos, however this time we got the chance to get to know their new skincare line. I met Anna and Valentina an hour early at Mozirje for coffee. After riding the cable-car and chatting with the girls we enjoyed a lovely breakfast (To answer your question; yes, we did take a million pictures of it before eating it.) Stepping into the conference room we got the chance to learn all about the history of Dvorec Trebnik, how a product is made (from scratch, that is) and what it takes to actually put it on a shelf. We learned so much about all of the ingredients and after a short coffee break we even got a lecture in how to correctly use Slovene grammar on our blogs (God knows I needed it!). After the presentations we had lunch. Chatting with the girls really made the time past faster and before you know it, it was my turn for the massage. I got the chance to get my back massaged by the awesome staff at Golte and we were even offered a visit to their sauna – unfortunately, I was in a bit of a hurry and could not go. Overall, it was a beautiful day and I can guarantee I will be visiting Golte in the future (you should really check out my Instagram account to see how beautiful their wellness is!). At the event we got a beautiful little goodie bag filled up with natural skincare products which I cannot wait to try out and share my results (however, you will have to wait a bit since I am trying to be reasonable and use up my old skincare first!).
I have to admit the presentation made me want to try out more natural cosmetics and after hearing what the company has to offer I really wanted to get to know the brand a bit more.
If you want to see what we did more in detail, make sure to check out my vlog:


  • A veš da sem pogledala ta video? Prvič, hahah. Drugače ja, meni so tudi naredili lušte za naravno kozmetiko, fuuuuj parabeni! Btw, jaz sem šla v savno :D.

  • Super je blo in super video 🙂 Lepo je blo počvekat s tabo na kavici 😉

  • A celo? Si bom štela kot čast 😛 Ja, meni so res zelo, samo najprej bom pridna pa porabila, kar imam, da se ne pokvari 🙂 Ja, vem..kako je bilo?

  • Se strinjam in hvala 🙂 Ja, bi mogle večkrat ponovit, lahko kar na isti lokaciji 😛

  • Ja, imaš prav, da porabiš najprej kar imaš. Jaz bom enako storila, ker.. sem lih začela z novo linijo ;).
    V savni je bilo zelo luštno! Sem šla v zeliščno savno (10 min) in finsko savno (10 min). Luuuštno!!

  • Ja, morem..ker čene mi gredo pa drugi super izdelki v nič…
    Uuuu, zeliščne pa še nisem preizkusila, kako je? 🙂

  • Zeliščna je super. Manj vroča kot finska in se lažje prenese. In diši, itak :D.

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