• March 27, 2016

Your Appearance Matters

Now, here is a tittle that will cause controversy, right?
In this post I will focus on why you should always try to look your best (yes, if you are a fan, you have probably recognized these words from the tittle of one of Mimi Ikonn´s videos and I do admit she is partially responsible for this post. I have seen her video quite a while ago and it made me want to talk about the topic as well. As much as we don´t want to admit it, we, as people, are quite judgmental and well – shallow. I would love to believe that all that mattered in life was our minds and the things we do, but reality is just not like that.
I will use (and probably paraphrase) one of Mimi´s lines; Would you actually clicked on this blog post if the picture I used would show me with no makeup, greasy hair in a ripped up, old t-shirt? Would you actually want to hear what I say? I would still talk about what I am about to talk about and I would be just as passionate about it as I am now, the only difference would be in the way I choose to present myself. I can guarantee 9/10 of you would just think; Seriously girl!? YOU´RE gonna tell ME why I should look my best at all times. You clearly have no idea about the topic. And that is power of our appearance. It has been proven that people create an idea of a person in the first couple of seconds after meeting them and I believe your looks can say more about you than your words can.
Now, I want to help you make the best first impression you can, so here are a couple of tips.

What I (and most people probably) notice first is the way a person takes care of herself/himself. You could be wearing the most beautiful Chanel dress and the most expensive pair of Loubuitons, but if your hair is greesy, your nails bitten off (yes, I am guilty of that – that´s why gel nails are my best friends!) and your roots way past the touch-up due date. Guess what!? People are going to perceive you as someone who does not take care of herself/himself. As someone who does not love herself/himself and as someone who is well – a hot mess.

There, I said it. Now bring on the hate. C´mon, do it. I dare you. Tell me I´m wrong and say you are never reading any of my articles again. O.K. you know me better than that. I do find it important what size you are, yes. Why you ask? Well, although the media wants us to believe being a size zero is the only way to be sexy and beautiful (and of course, you have to have curves while being a size zero – ´cuz that´s totally natural!) I beg to differ. I don´t care whether you´re a size zero or a size 12. I think your size matters because it matters to you. There are so many women out there who find their self-worth in the size they wear. So why do I keep saying size actually matters!? Because it does. Face it.
(O.K. Rose, stop with the criticism and the sarcasm and get to the point already..) Most women (men also, but as you can tell I will focus on women in this post) pay a lot of attention to their appearance and although I do support that, since I believe it makes you appreciate yourself more, I also believe we take it overboard a lot of the times. An inch more on our hips can bring us down for weeks and it even (the vicious cycle I know so good) makes us binge eat and hate our body. So no, I do not care what size you are. What I am saying is that size matters, no matter how big or small it might be. What I find sexy is being comfortable in your body. If your idea of sexy is being a certain size, go after it. Our bodies are the one thing we can change to a certain point, so why not go after what you want. Size matters because it can completely change the way we feel about ourselves, whether we like it or not. So find out what you are comfortable with and rock it! In the past year (although nobody wants to believe me, because I do know how to dress for my figure) I have gained about 15kg. Now, I could cry, hate myself and feel awful about it or except the fact that having tight arms and a flat belly is just not a priority for me and fall in love with the way I look now. In the past I have had some troubles accepting myself and I was even made fun of,  because of my body. And you know what? 15kg heavier I feel the prettiest and most comfortable I ever have! I am finally (after years of beatting myself down because I didn´t fit into societies standards) happy with the way I look and I can´t even remember the last time I actually paid attention to the size of my jeans. I have found what I am comfortable with and I embraced it with open arms. So why am I still telling you size matters!? Well, to get more readers and your attention obviously – just kidding, haha. I believe size matters because it can tell a lot about you. How? Well, if you walk into a room with your shoulders down, afraid that people will judge you because you gained that little bit of a tummy and when you force yourself to wear baggy t-shirts, although you usually love rocking bandage dresses, you are sure to achive what you are most afraid. You will be self-concious and I can guarantee you are less likely to attract new and interesting people to come and talk to you. Now, if you are comfortable with the size you are, you will wear whatever the **** you want and I you will rock it. We, as people are attracted to the energy we give off, not to the way our tummy creates a roll or two whenever we sit down.

Now, this is the point that Mimi focused most on, however I still do believe grooming is more important. We all have those special items we only wear on special occasions and we all have those basic clothes we wear daily. You can probably already tell what I have to say about that..remember the feeling you get when you are wearing your favorite blouse and how you want the whole world to see you rockin´ it. C´mon admit it. We all do it. Maybe for you it´s that special little black dress or maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans you only wear on special occasions. You know what is the number one thing I do when I feel like s**t? I put on some makeup, apply my favorite YSL red lipstick and I take some time to choose my outfit for the day. Guess what? My mood instantly changes. Admit it, if you sit at home, wearing your old, over sized, ripped up t-shirt you will probably not want to go out and that will result in you staying  in bed for the whole day. Now, if you put some effort in the way you look every morning it won´t be a problem going on that short notice coffee. You won´t need to spend the next hour planning your outfit if your crush wants to ask you out on a surprise date since you will only need to touch your makeup up a bit and you´re good to go. Now, I am not saying you should only dress for other people and if/or you think you will be going somewhere. I am telling you, you should dress your best every day because I can guarantee from my personal experience that wearing something you love will brighten up your day and will instantaneously make you more open to trying out no things and going out. Just remember how much of a hustle it is when you get an idea of what you want to do and want to do it in that minute and then having to spend the next half an hour getting ready. Most likely, you loose interest in even doing whatever you wanted to do. Not only that. Imagine you finally go out and see an old boyfriend or maybe the boss you are trying to impress. You will probably regret forgetting to put on a bra and wearing your old ripped up leggings (even if it is only for taking out your dog). If that doesn´t convince on why you should always look your best I suggest you go check out Mimi´s video and tell me if you will ever doubt this decision ever again.

I can´t name all the things people have told me about why they don´t put more effort into their looks. Time is the biggest one for sure. Yes, I would take more time to plan my outfit and do my nails, but I am just sooo busy! Phaaa! What a lie! We all have 24h in a day and I know women who work, take care of their children and look their best whenever I see them. Don´t tell me how they do it because I do not know. All I know is that these women inspire me. We all have the same amout of hours in the day the only thing that makes the difference is the way we prioritize things. If you find scrolling at other women´s outfits on Instagram for an hour more important than planning your own outfit or doing your makeup for that hour, that is your choice. But please, just don´t tell me you don´t have the time. If it is more important for you to see the last episode of the show you have been watching than than doing your nails, then that´s your choice. But for the love of God, don´t use time as an excuse.
I don´t have the money is a quite popular one as well. Well, guess what!? I´m a student so you know I´m constantly broke (haha – laughing at my pain). Taking care of the way you look has nothing to do with money. I don´t care if you only have 3 basic tops and 2 pairs of jeans, if you take care of them, wash and iron them regularly you can be rockin´ those outfits better than someone who has a whole walk-in closet full of designer clothes, but never takes care of them. Instead of going to get your nails done at the salon invest in your own at home kit and give yourself a gelish manicure every now and again.
Well, I have been like this my whole life and I am afraid to change since I don´t think those closest to me would appreciate the change is one of the excuses that shocked me most. Like, seriously!? You would rather feel bad about yourself than actually stepping out of your comfort zone and being comfortable in your own skin. A close friend of mine once told me she always wanted to try having long pointy nails, but well, it just doesn´t go with her outfit and she would have to change her outfit and style as well and although she wants that, she is just not ready to do it because she has been the way she is her whole life. All I wanted to say after that was; EXACTLY! You have been the way you are your whole life and please, just look at where it brought you. You are unhappy with your appearance and you say you need a change. So, for God´s sake think of how many times your friends tried something new and you couldn´t care less. It´s the same with them. They are around you because of who you are, not what you look like – if anything, they should/will be most supportive about your change since they will probably see how it made you happy and well, who wouldn´t want to see their friends happy!?

These are just a few of the tips I could give you on the topic, however there are many more hacks you could try to always look your best and I could go even more into detail about why I think your appearance matters, however this time I decided to focus only on some of the main points. What is your opinion on the topic and do you think we put too much or too little effort in the way we look? Do you think the way you choose to present yourself effects your life or do you believe thinking about the way you look is just a waste of time? I would love to read about your opinion on the matter in the comments bellow so make sure to leave your mark.


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