• April 1, 2016

PTUJ – The Oldest City in Slovenia

Yesterday I made a little trip to Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia. I´ve only been to Ptuj once before, however I still remember how I found it beautiful, so this time I knew I had to share its beauty with you.
 First of all, did you know Ptuj has its own sea!? I´m serious guys, google it! If you´re planning to visit Ptuj I suggest you pick a really sunny day (it was quite windy yesterday, unfortunately) and visit the sea, maybe have a drink or two in the bar which offers seating that actually floats. It felt weird the first time I tried it and I was too scared to even give it a go yesterday since the water was quite undulating and I was sure we would be soaking wet if we took a seat.
After visiting the sea I drove to the city center and our first stop was the park. There´s a playground in the park for all your little ones and its peacefulness will make you want to open up a book right there or maybe just sit on the bench and enjoy the beautiful view on lake Ptuj. Crossing the bridge we got the chance to see the entire town and its beauty, however, we soon decided to move, since it got really windy and well, you know me, I wasn´t really dressed for the climate.
To get to the center you have to take a little stroll up the hill (if you walk all the way up the hill you get to Ptuj castle which offers an amazing view) and trust me when I say this, it´s worth it. The old architecture and the narrow, paved streets really take your breath away. Due to the architecture I sometimes felt as if I were walking in the streets of Piran (another beautiful city in Slovenia, which I will be happy to show you in the future). Although I consider myself an atheist I still appreciate the beautiful architecture of churches and St. Peter and Paul´s church was no exception. In 1945 the church was almost completely destroyed, however you could never tell since in the recent years it has gone under massive renovation and has already begun to look a lot more modern. Through a bloggers eyes what matters most is how photogenic a building is and when it comes to that I have to say St. George´s church really caught my attention. Looking at the photos I was able to take, it reminds me of the churches in London and I could´t help but take a million pictures of it (don´t worry I´m not gonna share them all with you here, you´ll have to check out my Instagram account to see more – I still have to keep the post a bit interesting, right?).
Overall, if you are anything like me and love walking along narrow streets while learning more about the history of the place I suggest you check out Ptuj as soon as you can – or wait until ˝Pust˝ (a Slovenian carnival) where you will be able to see the best Kurents in Slovenia, since Slovenia is *if I do say so myself* the best when it comes to carnival costumes. Ptuj offers the largest carnival festival in Slovenia so you are sure to have a great time and a good laugh. Have you been to Ptuj yet? Do you find it as beautiful as I do? What city do you suggest I visit next?P.S. If you are looking at where to get your coffee fix in Ptuj, I suggest Evropa. From what I´ve tried, I truly does have the best coffee in town.


  • Stanujem blizu Ptuja in sem prav vesela, ko preberem, da je nekomu všeč 'naše' mesto. ❤

  • Ja, res lepo je..samo vreme je malo ponagajalo 🙁 Čene bi si definitivno ogledala še več atrakcij 🙂

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